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Getting ready and prepping for the Series 7 exam this year? With all that you need to learn, it can be a struggle & a lot of work to do it on your own. That’s where tutoring can help you today!

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To further your career in finance, you are likely to need to sit the Series 7 exam. This lengthy and often complicated test assesses the competency of the applicant to perform their job as a General Securities Representative properly with the aim to safeguard investors. The test comprises of 260 questions to be answered over two three-hour sessions. It requires specific preparation and a thorough understanding of the content is crucial to success. The test consists of four inter-related components that include;

  • Function – describes the major areas of practice.
  • Tasks – describes the activities associated with each job function.
  • Knowledge Statements – describes the underlying knowledge required to perform each job function.
  • Rules and Regulations Knowledge – each of the above components have a set of rules and regulations that must be understood.

The best way to understand how these components relate to each other is to use one of our tutors. The one-on-one guidance offered by one of the top rated Series 7 pros is by far the most beneficial way to get to grips with the type of questions asked. Your Series 7 tutor can also give immediate feedback when you practice answering questions which helps boost your confidence!Finding a Series 7 tutor can be fast and easy starting right now! Just add the subject and your zip code in the search box and you’ll be shown all the available tutors in your area that can help you with whatever course or courses you need help with starting today!  Check out each person’s reviews and experience so that you find a couple that are a fit.  Send them a message with any questions or let them know what you are looking for.  That way you can make sure that the tutor can provide the help that you need quickly, easily and affordably.  Our exam specialists have a range of availability and rates so we’re sure you can find one that fits your requirements. And the 1st session is covered by a “Good Fit” guarantee – if there’s not a fit, the first session is free!  Whether you are located in NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, Charlotte or anywhere else in the country – check out all the Series 7 tutors near you and get started on getting the results that you deserve!

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