The 5 Best Online Services for SAT Tutors, According to Insiders

The 5 Best Online Services for SAT Tutors, According to Insiders

Our Top Picks for SAT Tutoring Services

The SAT is one of several important entrance exams students may take when applying to a college or university. And when high SAT scores have consistently been linked to stronger academic prowess and increased success rates throughout higher education, enlisting the help of SAT tutors offers a crucial advantage in students’ scores on their exams.

As a college graduate and former high school student, I understand the difficulty surrounding these exams and the pressure to perform. The sheer importance of the exam has led countless parents and students to seek out specialized SAT tutors who offer the tools for success that push many students into excellent academic standing.

If you’re wondering, “Do I need an SAT tutor?” or “How can I find the best SAT tutor near me?”, continue reading below to discover our top recommendations for online tutoring services.

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Top 5 Best Companies for SAT Tutors

We know how important this decision is for families, which is why we extensively researched various tutoring platforms so you don’t have to. These companies have shown the most consistent success among SAT students in providing support and guidance and helping to raise test scores.

1. Learner

Learner SAT Math

Learner provides a longstanding platform with exceptional SAT tutors ready to assist you. These experts are specialized in their field of study and are eager to help your student improve. The company only accepts 3% of its tutor applicants onto its platform, meaning they only work with the best and most qualified tutors.

On top of the excellent online learning tools, the website’s easy-to-understand matching process starts with a quick online questionnaire to find a tutor who can meet your needs. Affordable tutors start around $40 per hour. Additionally, Learner offers one-on-one tutoring with individualized plans for each student to help them reach their goals and only focus on areas where they need assistance.


  • The matching algorithm helps to find the best SAT tutor for your student
  • Only the top educators get to offer services through the website
  • Lessons are recorded for students so they can be replayed and called upon
  • Utilizes amazing learning tools built for, not in spite of, the virtual environment


  • No 24/7 services on-demand, so the schedule is a bit less flexible than other websites

Bottom Line: Learner is a household brand name for a reason. Their website is easy to navigate and provides experienced tutors with customized learning plans for your student—a high value at a fair price.

2. Wyzant

Wyzant SAT Math

Wyzant is another solid option when searching for online tutoring services, and it offers recognized SAT tutors ready to assist students and provide them with the knowledge they need to succeed.

The major downside to Wyzant is its lack of a matching process. Unlike other websites, Wyzant is set up more like a job board and leaves the search entirely up to you. While this level of control may be desirable to some, many will find it less convenient and more overwhelming than other options. 


  • A giant pool of SAT-specialized tutors to choose from
  • Online learning tools, such as an interactable whiteboard
  • Lower prices are offered when choosing certain tutors


  • No matching process, meaning that users will have to seek out their tutor manually and have the potential for more trial-and-error
  • More varied experience levels mean more varied tutoring abilities

Bottom Line: Wyzant may not be quite as clean as Learner, but their platform is great for students who feel confident in what they’re looking for and their ability to find the right tutor alone.

3. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors SAT

Built for students with busy schedules, Varsity Tutors offers tutoring at all times of the day to meet a student’s needs, including last-minute scheduling. This instant tutoring tool allows a student to press a button at any given time and receive help with a math problem or other studying queries.


  • Flexible scheduling beneficial for students on the move, plus on-demand assistance
  • Independent tools such as flashcards help reinforce information
  • Matching tool helps find a tutor for your student


  • May receive staggered information if it is always provided while in a rush
  • Pricing is not revealed until after being matched

Bottom Line: VarsityTutors offers a large network of tutors and services. Their speedy tools can give students quick assistance with a problem but may not be as beneficial for those needing long-term, individualized tutoring plans and SAT test prep.

4. Skooli


Skooli might offer the most flexible learning plan on the market. Their one-of-a-kind pay-as-you-go model allows students to study in short bursts on a short-term schedule.

Alongside their payment plan, Skooli stands out because they give students online-specific tools to help with their learning. Many of the interfaces on the website are interactive and offer students a way to work on the same problem as their tutor in real time.


  • The website is relatively inexpensive for single sessions compared to other options
  • On top of SAT help, the website offers a lot of different specializations and virtual tools
  • Quit at your leisure


  • Not ideal for those looking for a long-term tutor
  • Continued services add up quickly

Bottom Line: Skooli is a great resource for those who want to get moving or who need a short-term tutor ahead of the SAT, but it would not be as beneficial for those needing consistent tutoring and personalized advice.

5. Chegg


With tutors and experts from a wide array of backgrounds, many of Chegg’s employees are from top universities in the country and work to educate students in a wide array of subjects.

While most websites pay rates based on the hour and tutor, Chegg delivers their services 24/7 at one monthly cost. This $15.95 a month makes Chegg one of the most affordable tutoring services on the web. However, Chegg’s major problem is that some of its services require textbooks.


  • Very affordable, Chegg offers a monthly rate plan
  • 24/7 access to the platform, its tools, and a large resource library
  • SAT specialized tutors


  • International students have to pay for their book returns, and many classes require textbooks
  • Varied quality in tutors

Bottom Line: Chegg is a great option for saving money. Their flexible services can be found at low price points with 24/7 access.

How to Find the Right Online SAT Tutor for You

Finding the right online SAT tutor can be tricky. However, the steps below will help you pinpoint your student’s needs and find the right match.

Use a Reputable Online Tutoring Platform 

When you’re researching online tutoring platforms, a safe bet is to try to stick to larger, more established companies. Companies like Learner and Varsity Tutors have large pools of verified tutors they screen throughout their hiring process.

Check Tutor Credentials 

Look for tutors with relevant credentials, such as a teaching degree or subject-specific certifications. Online tutoring companies should list a tutor’s history and qualifications on their website.

Read Reviews and Ratings

Most online tutoring websites leave a section for reviews so that you can inspect a tutor’s history or track record.  It’s essential to look at the ratings to see not only if there are any glaring issues with a tutor, but also if any parents’ comments reflect similar needs or approaches that apply to your student.

Ask for Recommendations

If you are unsure where to find a tutor, ask your friends, family, or colleagues for recommendations. Many people, especially those with extensive schooling, have a history with some sort of tutor.

Conduct an Interview

An interview is a great way to screen a potential tutor. Simply take a few minutes on a video call to verify credentials and get a feel for their attitude so you will have peace of mind leaving your student in their hands.

Our Approach to Choosing the Best Tutoring Services

We want you to be able to trust our recommendations. As such, we will be transparent about what criteria constitute a good SAT tutor by our metric.

Quality of Tutors

A good SAT tutoring company should have high-quality tutors who are knowledgeable and experienced in their subjects. Look for companies requiring their SAT tutors to have field degrees, teaching experience, or relevant certifications. 

Customized Learning Plans

The best tutoring companies provide personalized learning plans for each student. These plans should be tailored to the student’s needs and learning style. Look for companies that take the time to assess each student’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a personalized plan that will help them achieve their desired score. 

Availability and Flexibility

Tutoring companies are there to help you, not the other way around. A good tutoring company should be available and flexible to meet the needs of its students. Look for companies that offer a range of scheduling options, including evening and weekend sessions or additional support. 

Communication and Feedback

The best SAT tutoring companies have clear communication channels and provide regular feedback to students and parents. Look for companies with a system to track student progress, communicate with parents or guardians, and provide regular updates. 

Technology and Resources 

The best tutoring companies use technology and various resources to enhance the learning experience. Look for companies that provide access to online learning tools, interactive whiteboards, video conferencing, and other resources that can help students achieve their desired scores.

The Benefits of Online SAT Tutoring

You might still wonder why an online SAT tutor would be better than one in-person. Below are some solid reasons your student may benefit from online SAT tutors.


Online tutoring is very convenient, as it allows students to learn from the comfort of their own homes. This eliminates the need for transportation and makes it easier for students to fit tutoring sessions into their busy schedules. This is especially true if your student takes their exam during the school year and has to maintain their academic standing.


Online tutoring allows for a more personalized learning experience, as SAT tutors can tailor their instruction to the specific needs of each student. In addition, they can provide individualized support and feedback, leading to better scores on their exam.

Access to a wider range of tutors

With online tutoring, students can access a wider range of tutors worldwide. This allows them to find the right tutor specializing in college entrance exams and teaching styles matching their learning style. 

More affordable

Online SAT tutoring is often more affordable than in-person tutoring. Because online tutors don’t have to travel, they can offer their services at a lower cost. This makes tutoring more accessible to families unable to afford traditional in-person tutoring. 

Technology integration

Online tutoring integrates technology into the learning experience, making it more engaging and interactive for students. A variety of tools and resources, as we mentioned above, enhance the learning experience and make it more effective.

Frequently Asked Questions 

We have covered a lot of information so far, but you may still have a few unanswered questions.

Who Should Use Online SAT Tutoring Services

Online SAT tutors are great for those who have busy schedules and value convenience when studying, and these experts offer the same (if not better) quality tutoring, helpful tips, and test-taking techniques as in-person tutors. Plus, online SAT tutors help families to save money, as the decreased cost of travel allows tutors to offer services at a lower price.

How Much Do Online SAT Tutoring Services Cost?

Online SAT tutors will vary based on their tutoring platform and experience. Still, you can expect to pay at least $20 an hour for their help. 

What Should You Look for in Online SAT Tutoring Services?

The most important thing to look for when searching for an SAT tutoring service is a tutor who matches your student’s needs. It does not matter how much experience a tutor has if your student struggles to follow their instructions or teaching style.

What Are the Pros of Using Online SAT Services?

Online SAT tutoring services benefit students seeking help and learning more about the SAT exam. In addition, online tutoring provides extra convenience, personalized lesson plans, and more virtual tools than most in-person study sessions.

What Are the Cons of Using Online SAT Services?

The major downside to using an online tutor is that it requires more discipline. Also, as with any type of remote learning, it can be easier to get distracted and miss out on crucial information in the comfort of your own space.

Concluding Thoughts

The SAT is a major part of the college acceptance process. Finding the right match amongst the many SAT tutors available online may make the difference between your first and second choice university. With its balance of exceptional quality, cost, and convenience, my recommendation is Learner as the top SAT tutoring service to help your student conquer the SAT.

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