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Did you know that four out of five students are not proficient writers?   The new National Assessment of Educational Progress in writing test given in 2012 showed that only 27% of the 8th and 12th graders that were given the test scored at or above a proficient level.  Also, writing is the only subject area in which many teachers consistently rank their students as “fair” or “poor.” Yet, writing is a critical skill for everything from writing college admission essays to work one once school is over.

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Do you have kids that are struggling with writing in school?  Are you and your kids having a battle of wills over school writing assignments or college admission essays?  Well, you are definitely not the only one dealing with this issue! Unfortunately, many kids can’t simply don’t like to write. That’s where a private tutor can help.  And by choosing a top-notch writing tutor that can help, your student will get the help they need.  In addition, they will have greater confidence and success along the way.  This is because our writing tutors are experts at connecting with kids and motivating them to become better writers. They’ll identify your child’s exact writing needs and craft a personal plan, just for your child. We know you want what’s best for your child − now and in the future.  So simply type in English or write in the search box, add your zip code and in a moment you will have a list of tutors that can help to start today!

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