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Looking for an ACT Reading tutor near you?  If you are prepping and looking to be ready for this exam, getting the right private tutoring help can make all the difference in your exam results.  Since the test is a critical part of the college and university application process, getting a top notch score is important.  Whether you need an ACT Reading tutor or even an ACT Math tutor,  our tutors know how to help you make that happen.

Best ACT Reading Tutors Near You:

Reading comprehension is important both in school and in life.  In the ACT exam, reading comprehension includes 40-questions over 35-minutes.  The test measures your reading comprehension.The ACT reading exam portion will ask you to use your skills and knowledge  to:

  • Determine the main ideas of what you read
  • Locate significant details in a writing
  • Understand the sequence of events
  • Compare and comprehend cause and effect
  • Determine the meaning using the context
  • Draw generalizations
  • Analyze the voice or method of an author or narrator

There are four sections to the ACT reading and each contains one long or two shorter prose passages that are like the kinds of text one would find in first-year college curricula. Passages can cover a range of topics such as social studies, natural sciences, literary narrative (including prose fiction), and the humanities are all possibilities.Our ACT tutors will help you study the right material, work to make sure you fill in any gaps before the test as well as give you relevant practice questions and even do some ACT Reading practice tests during your sessions.  While you still need to put the time in, you can alleviate some of the stress of the ACT exam prep by having your ACT Reading tutor help you get the results that you deserve!To get started, just enter your topic and zip code and find a few tutors that specialize in ACT reading prep.  Send them an email to learn more and see if there’s a fit.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can start excelling in your preparation for your exam and how well you’ll do!  So find a tutor now that can help ~

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