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We have computer tutors that specialize in basic concepts, Social Media management, C++, Phyton, and other programming languages you want to learn about. Our tutors can also help you with your Microsoft Office skills, since using MS Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint is a very important and useful skill for work. 

Best General Computer Tutors Near You:

Why you need a computer tutor?

For a long time the term “digital divide” has referred to the generational difference between those that were born in the age of computers and those that had trouble turning a computer on. Now we talk mostly about computer literacy, which is of utter importance to be part of a world that every day is more and more digital. 

Just having access to technology is not enough to bridge this divide. 

While a lot can be learned online thanks to many free tutorials, most of the time they offer disconnected information and require certain previous knowledge. Where are you supposed to start?

Either you’re a complete beginner, or someone who needs to review some concepts that can be useful for work or university, we have a variety of computer tutors with lots of experience in specialized areas. They will be able to guide you step by step and give you the tools to make it yourself in a digital world.

You can also find a computer tutor for a very specific need you may have. Do you want to understand how to create videos with a specific program? Are you looking to launch a campaign on Facebook and need someone to check you’re doing it right? Or maybe you have a big presentation at work and want to make it unforgettable? We have expert computer tutors in many different areas. Choose yours and take the first step on the path to success. 

Computer skills

Being computer literate can help you get a better job and access to more services. Basic skills can be useful to those with no previous knowledge. You may learn about the different components of a computer, the operating system, and how things work. 

More advanced students may be interested in programming or maybe looking to start their website. Since when we talk about computer skills, we are actually talking about a lot of different skills, you need to discuss with your tutor what your goals are and what exactly you want to achieve. Your computer tutor will design a personalized plan with relevant and interesting practice that will help you get closer to achieving your dreams.

Your tutor can help in any of these areas. Keep in mind that while some skills can be learned with zero previous knowledge, others build on what you already know. 

  • Basic computer skills: hardware
  • Basic computer skills: software
  • Operating Systems: Windows, OS, Linux
  • Keyboard and Typing
  • Programming: C++, Phyton, Java
  • Microsoft Office package
  • Social Media
  • Website design and development
  • SEO and marketing online
  • Photo and Video editing

Hardware and software

These are the areas that everybody should be familiar with. Many people can sit down in front of a computer and use it to a certain extent without ever understanding why this or that happens. 

Responsibly using our computers can help them work better and for longer, which means fewer visits to the shop. Your computer tutor can help you understand the different components of a computer and its functions. You can also learn how to protect your information on your computer, keeping it clean and working to its best potential.

Learning about the basics can really help those that are afraid of giving their first steps in the world of computers. And it can have a massive effect on reducing the digital divide too. 

Microsoft Office package

During your life, you will probably have to deal with working with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or even Access. Knowing how to use these programs is a skill often required to apply to office jobs, and knowing the ins and out of this office package can land you the job you’re looking for. 

Either you need to format text, make tables and formulas, or create attractive and engaging presentations, your tutor will know how to guide you step by step, practicing with meaningful exercises and giving you the confidence to use your skills with more ease in a digital world.


Programming languages evolve constantly, and like with everything in the ever-changing digital world, you may need a hand to grasp the new and the ugly. Today the most popular are C++ and Phyton. 

A computer tutor will be able to build from your previous knowledge and help you master these languages with exercises adapted to your level and needs. 

Phyton, for example, can be used to develop software, websites, and business applications. But it has the potential to be useful in many other areas too! Your tutor will be able to help you from the basics to the most advanced uses to the programming language. 

Keep in mind that many of the biggest online companies, like Google, Pinterest, Yahoo, and many others use Phyton as well. So, if your goal is to be part of one of these companies, you may want to strengthen your knowledge of this programming language.

Social Media and web design

The last few years have seen a boom of social media businesses and many people with little to none computer skills have made it in the digital world. How?

Well, understanding how social media works, and how marketing campaigns can benefit your business, can really help give your company the boost you’re looking for.

In fact, the role of “social media manager” has appeared out of the blue due to a very real need. Social Media is an unexplored world of potential customers and how you reach them and keep them engaged has proven to be fruitful. 

So, in this case, your computer tutor will concentrate more on the management of social media accounts, email listings, specific languages, creation of videos, photo editing, etc. 

Photo and video editing

With a more and more visual culture, photos and videos have become the way we communicate. 

Today we can get an app on our phones that will change the color of our skin or erase the background in our photos. It’s all easy and fast. But there are still complex and interesting programs that can do photo and video editing, and self-teaching how to use them is a long and painful road. 

This is why you want to get a private tutor that can guide you on how to use these programs. Yes, there are many free tutorials online, but most of the time you will find yourself stuck at one point or another without anyone to answer your questions or give you feedback.

How can computer tutors help you?

  • Understand the digital world
  • Create a personalized program
  • Motivating and encouraging learning environment
  • Provide interesting and relevant practice
  • Work on real-life situations
  • Answer all your questions
  • Provide clear feedback
  • Work with the student during the class

Getting a computer tutor is a great idea if you are a complete beginner. Have you asked family members and no one seems to be able to make it clear for you, ending up just in frustration? Our tutors will patiently guide you through the different parts of a computer or tablet, with a brief introduction to each component and their use.

When it comes to complete beginners, our tutors are experts in how to present technology in a friendly and easy way. From the Operating System to some more advanced principles and programs, your tutor will make sure you stay motivated and engaged.

Your tutor will be able to answer all your questions. Our computer tutors are all experts in their field of expertise. But, what is more, they will design a personalized computer-based training program specially tailored to your goals and needs.

This means that all the course is exclusively on the computer. No theory, just one-to-one workshops where you will be able to put into practice everything your tutor teaches you. A clear, immediate, and fun way to learn new computer skills.

Most lessons with computer tutors are done online. There are many tools that can help create an interactive environment where the student can apply what was learned and the tutor can give immediate feedback. These lessons are highly efficient, and most students mention how dynamic and easy to follow they are.

Remote learning has become more popular than ever recently, and it has also shown how important is to have a solid knowledge of the digital world, not only in order to get a job, but also to be part of this ever more connected world.All in all, whatever is that you want to achieve, either is to program an app, create engaging presentations for work, or manage the social media side of your business (plus everything in between), your computer tutor will have the answers you’re looking for and will be your best bet to make it in a digital world.

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