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What is the Series 7 Exam?

The Series 7 is the General Securities Representative Qualification Examination. How’s that for a long title?  The Series 7 exam tests the competency of individuals wanting to work as general securities representatives. Those who pass the exam are eligible to register and trade all securities products: corporate securities, options, municipal fund securities, investment company products, variable contracts and direct participation programs.

How Many Questions Are There on the Exam?

The exam has 250 scored questions and ten more unscored pretest questions.

How Much Time Do I Have for Taking the Exam? What is the Passing Score?

The Series 7 tests are 6 hours long and conducted in two sessions, each lasting for three hours. There are 130 questions per session, and the passing score is 72%.

What Does the Exam Look Like?

The Series 7 test has five functional testing areas that cover each of the five main job functions of a Series 7 representative:

Function 1 – a representative who seeks business for the broker-dealer through (potential) customers

27% of the exam questions (68)

Function 2 – a representative who evaluates customers’ financial situations, other security holdings, financial status, financial needs, investment objectives and tax status

11% of the exam questions (27)

Function 3 – a representative who opens accounts, maintains appropriate account records and transfers assets

11% of the exam questions (27)

Function 4 – a representative who makes suitable recommendations and provides customers with information on investments

28% of the exam questions (70)

Function 5 – a representative who verifies and obtains customers’ purchases and sales instructions, follows up, and enters orders.

23% of the exam questions (58)

ASVAB tutoringWhy Find a Series 7 Tutor for Your Exam Prep?

Finding a tutor for Series 7 exam tutor will save you time on:

  • Finding the right material
  • Getting solid and effective practice tests for the Series 7 exam
  • Making and FOLLOWING a study schedule
  • Having to Google or search for answers to questions you don’t know or don’t understand

The Right Study Material

Series 7 tutoring will make your life easier and make your knowledge and test prep more solid. Tutors will provide all the material you need for your Series 7 exam. This means you won’t have to spend hours searching for the best material for your best way of studying online, neither will you spend days in the library, online or in book stores reading through dozens of different books.

Practice Tests

Tutoring for Series 7 exam includes prep tests your tutor will give you once you are ready to be tested. These tests will help you out with detecting your weak spots. Once you see where the problem is, you can revisit the section and with assistance from your tutor, make sure that you learn the areas where you are weak.

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Personalized Schedule and Study Plan

Having a good study schedule is important. You don’t want to spend sleepless nights locked in your room with a coffee and a highlighter two days before the Series 7 exam. You also don’t want to be spending more time out of an already crazy schedule studying more than necessary.  You need to organize, and there is no better way to organize then to ask for the professional help of tutors. Your Series 7 Exam tutor will divide the study material into sections, and you won’t have to sacrifice your sleep once you have a tutor and start prepping effectively and efficiently for the exam.  It’s a way to get ready for the exam and still keep the other areas of your life moving along.

Helping You Understand and Focus on the Important Things

Getting answers and making sure that you have accurate and reliable information is time consuming and difficult for the Series 7 exam.  There’s a lot of misinformation available if you don’t have the right study tools.  That is why you should ask your Series 7 exam tutor. He/she is specialized in the area you are having trouble with, and Series 7 exam won’t be that terrifying or even overwhelming  once you have the help of your tutor.

Series 7 exam tutoring will help you focus on relevant sections. Your tutor will highlight all the important parts you need to pay attention to, so you don’t have to wander through the material unnecessarily.

Series 7 Tutoring Classes Online and Offline

Applying for Series 7 tutoring classes gives you a chance to enroll in an online or offline tutoring program. It’s all up to you to see what suits you more. Some prefer personal, private tutoring at home while others like the online studying platforms or online tutor sessions when they are busy.

Series 7 Practice Tests and Exams

Your Series 7 Exam tutor will provide you with practice tests, reviews and sample exams. This will help you determine your weak spots and sections you need to revise once or twice again before hitting the real exam. There are many prep tests available online. Find a person who already took the test and see if they have some useful information to share with you or a tutor to suggest you.

Retaking the Series 7 Exam

You can retake the exam 30 days after the date of your last exam, unless you have already tried three times. If you fail three times, then the waiting period is adjusted to 6 months from the date of the last exam.

If you already took the exam, you can talk to your tutor about your results and try to recall all the questions or areas of the exam that you had issues. What was the problem? Letting your Series 7 exam tutor know about how you scored last time can make it easier for you to study better this time. The tutor will make extra tests and spend extra review time for the problematic section and make sure you comprehend correctly everything you had problems with the last time.

Series 7 tutoring has to be a customized training solution and it has to be personalized to be effective. Your Series 7 tutoring process will make sure you are always on the right track and your Series 7 tutor will ensure you fully comprehend the material and that you are completely ready to ace the test.

When to Look for Series 7 Tutoring Options?

Whether you are preparing to take the test for the first time and you absolutely have no idea where to start from, or you have fully read the textbook but are not sure how to test your knowledge now, finding a tutor is the right thing to do.  Getting a little bit of extra assistance from someone that has “been there, done that” can help lower your stress, increase your preparedness and offer you tips and guidance that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Make the Second Try the Last One

Many candidates opt for tutoring help after their first try. Maybe it’s been a while since you prepared your last exam, and you’ve forgotten how it goes with all the highlighting and memorizing, and you were so close to the 72% needed to pass, but you missed just a couple of question. If this is the case, then finding a Series 7 exam tutor will help you ace the exam the next time. Just a little help can set you on the right path and make learning much easier.

Private Tutoring Study TipsNo More Time Consuming Studying

If you choose to hire a tutor for your exam, you are investing your time and money in your knowledge, personal development and growth. There is a time in our lives when we push the limits of our abilities, either because we are overwhelmed by our daily duties or we are just out of energy and motivation. When this time comes, and you still have exams to pass, the help of a friend will become more than useful. Tutors are trained professionals whose job is to teach you and help you score great on your exam. It’s hard to go through all the material on your own with all the other obligations of daily life. Tutors will be there to go through the material with you and help you out whenever you need them.

Keep Your Motivation High and Your Expectations Higher

A Series 7 tutor program will help you stay motivated and focused on what matters the most. Series 7 tutors will help you score much better than you did last time, or they will make sure you pass it on your first try. Either way, opting for tutoring and help to prepare for your Series 7 exam is the best you can do to ensure you will ace this exam and get the score that you deserve the first time around on the test!

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