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Is your child struggling with elementary math? We know the importance of math in elementary school—it forms the foundation for all your child’s future math studies. However, math is complicated for many kids, and we work hard to make it understandable. To do that, our private math tutors use an orderly and logical teaching style to help your child.

Best Elementary Math Tutors Near You:

How an Elementary Math Tutor Can Help

Math tutoring helps reinforce students’ understanding of elementary school math concepts and techniques. Elementary math introduces students to new topics, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. For some students, these new math concepts may seem challenging or hard to master, and elementary math tutors can fill their knowledge gaps through 1:1 meetings. Every student will experience different academic barriers, and getting personalized support from teachers is not always easy. To build their confidence and math skills, elementary math tutors can pinpoint the areas where students need help, and they can personalize lesson plans according to their needs. 

Math tutors offer online consultations for busy parents and students, and elementary students can get academic support from wherever is convenient. 

How Does Elementary Math Tutoring Work?

Elementary math tutoring can work in a few different ways. Traditional elementary math tutoring occurs in person, usually at a learning center or in your home. Some in-person math tutoring sessions may have multiple students under one tutor, or students may have a private elementary math tutor in a 1:1 session. 

Nowadays, students can meet with a tutor virtually, and we can help connect your student with a custom-matched tutor. Online math tutoring uses a similar teaching style to in-person services; they usually have virtual learning tools like video chat, whiteboards, and progress monitoring. 

With any group or private tutoring service, sessions typically occur at least once a week until the student masters the material or as they progress through grade levels. 

Benefits of Working with an Elementary Math Tutor

Although some exceptional students grasp math easily, most need extra help to master elementary math and prepare for high school. Math tutoring can provide several benefits and help your child feel confident with the material. 

Personalized 1:1 support

Some elementary school classrooms may not have enough teaching capacity to help your child fully understand math. Instead of falling behind, an elementary math tutor can develop a learning plan that suits your child’s educational needs and timeframe. They can target specific areas that need attention, and the lessons can supplement their existing school curriculum. 

Improved Grades and Academic Performance

Students who regularly meet with a private tutor typically earn better grades than students who don’t. An elementary math tutor can help your child prepare for tests, quizzes, and standardized tests, and with consistent sessions, most students improve their math grades in a reasonable amount of time. A math tutor can also assist with math homework. If unsatisfied with your child’s tutor and first lesson, we offer a total satisfaction guarantee and will make it right. 

Convenient Scheduling 

Most math tutoring services won’t take up too much time, and sessions can last as short as 30 minutes once a week. You can schedule your child’s meetings after school, before sports practice, or on the weekends–whichever works best with your and your child’s schedule. Online tutoring can occur anywhere with internet access, and you don’t have to worry about driving to a learning center during traffic. 

Accelerated Learning

Since tutors supervise students directly, they can compile direct feedback to help them improve. More advanced math tutoring platforms can develop students’ understanding quickly with frequent sessions, and your child can improve in the timeframe you need. Online elementary math tutors make scheduling easy, so you can fit in as many sessions as you need.

How Much Does an Elementary Math Tutor Cost?

The cost will vary from tutor to tutor and what services you need. Location will also affect the total cost; some areas may have more expensive or cheaper tutors. Generally, prices range from $50 to $85 for your average elementary math tutor, but more advanced complex concepts may cost more. After completing an initial consultation with an elementary math tutor, you will receive a complete quote for the math tutoring service. 

How Do I Choose an Elementary Math Tutor?

An effective elementary school math tutor typically has previous teaching and tutoring experience with younger students. It would be best if you look for someone with years of experience who can provide testimonials of their previous work. Elementary math tutors should have at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as education, math, or similar. 

Once you find tutors that meet these qualifications, a good next step is to check reviews from multiple places, if possible. The best elementary math tutor may charge more than average, and you may need to decide how much support your child needs. Once you’ve identified a few promising candidates, you can ask to meet with them to determine who will work best with your child’s needs. 

How to Find an Elementary Math Tutor Near You

If you are ready to help your child improve their math abilities this year, it’s simple to get started: Search for tutors in your area from our website. We’ll give you a list of qualified tutors who can help your elementary student improve their math skills. Once you have found a few, contact the math tutors that can assist. With our Good Fit Guarantee, the first session is free if there isn’t a fit, making this a safe and secure option! However, we’re confident that you can find the right tutor to help your child score the grades and gain the understanding they need for the future. 

What skills or topics are offered?

Elementary math tutors can teach various topics depending on your child’s grade level and curriculum. Here are a few examples of the skills an elementary math tutor can teach: 

Computation and Problem Solving

  • Learn how to compute and solve equations using whole numbers. 
  • Gradually develop an understanding of problem-solving with rational numbers. 
  • Learn the rules of fractions, decimals, percents, and negative numbers. 


  • Introduce multiplying by hand and times tables up to 12. 
  • Learn the four ways of multiplication. 


  • Introduce simple and long division. 
  • Learn the basics of the divisor, dividend, quotient, and remainder. 


  • Learn the basic properties of fractions, including adding and subtracting. 

Mathematical Practices

  • A model with mathematics.
  • Learn and develop precision in your work.
  • Develop reasoning skills.

In elementary mathematics, a student’s skills take a considerable leap in difficulty and the number of topics covered. Having the backup of an elementary math tutor can ensure that your student stays on track as they learn these fundamentals in preparation for middle school math classes. 

Elementary Math Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

What is elementary math?

Elementary math can include various topics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Elementary students will also start to learn about fractions and computation, and they will encounter decimals and percents. Elementary math may range by grade level and school. 

What does an elementary math tutor do?

Elementary math tutors align with your child’s school curriculum and help them understand concepts they can’t pick up from classroom teaching. A math tutor will typically assess your child’s needs, develop a lesson plan, and work with them throughout sessions for tests, quizzes, and homework help.

Are elementary math tutors worth it?

Some tutors may charge high hourly rates, but if they have proven experience with helping elementary students improve their math, they can help your child succeed and improve. For most students, math tutors are worth the investment and time. They can also help students work at their own pace to learn math and basic arithmetic and can help students ranging from customized lessons to learning applied mathematics and even help those who love math.

Is online elementary math tutoring available?

Yes, several services now offer online elementary math tutoring. Finding math tutors near you only takes a few minutes, and you can meet with them accessible for the first hour. Online tutoring can occur wherever is most convenient for you. They can also help students learn math and applied mathematics and even help ease the learning process through online resources.

How is online tutoring different from in-person tutoring?

The most significant difference is the delivery method, but both services usually use similar teaching methods and techniques. Online tutoring is typically more convenient for parents and students and can expose you to several more tutoring options. 

Is working with an elementary math tutor tax deductible?

In most cases, tutoring is considered personal service and not tax deductible. However, you should speak with an accountant or tax professional to see if your tutoring service qualifies.

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