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If you’re struggling with Geometry, you may think that it doesn’t matter long-term once the class is over. However, many fundamental principles of Geometry have applications in numerous career fields and in daily life. Build a strong foundation in Geometry with help from a private Math tutor.

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How a Geometry Tutor Can Help

A private Geometry tutor can help students of all ages and grade levels. Whether you need help with middle school Math, a high school Geometry class, or the Geometry portions of your college Algebra course, you can find an expert Math tutor.

Geometry tutors are experts in all the essential topics of this branch of Math. If you are having trouble understanding angles and their properties, you can get expert help from a Math tutor. A private tutor can help with many other parts of Geometry too:

  • Diameter and radius of a circle
  • Circumference and area of a circle
  • Pi (ℼ)

A Geometry tutor can help you learn about each of these concepts independently but also understand how they are interconnected. You’ll need that foundation before moving on to Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus. A deep knowledge of geometric principles is required in Computer Science, Physics, AP Chemistry, engineering, and many other fields. 

You’ll also need to know how to solve Geometry problems to score well on the math portions of college entrance exams, like the SAT and ACT. A tutor who specializes in test prep can help you hone your Math skill specifically for these tests.

How Does Geometry Tutoring Work?

A great Geometry tutor will customize their teaching style and lessons for you. When you start working with a tutor, you’ll discuss the problems and concepts you’re having trouble with so they can know what they need to work on with you. Additionally, you’ll probably discuss any specific goals you have, such as improving your mid-year grade or scoring well on a standardized test. 

Most Geometry tutors will help you learn by taking the time to explain confusing concepts in a way that makes sense to you. You’ll be able to ask questions and go at your own pace without worrying about the pressure of a traditional classroom. Your tutor may offer homework help or work with you on practice problems to ensure you can apply your new knowledge correctly.

Benefits of Working With a Geometry Tutor

When you work with a Geometry tutor, you can expect to improve your Math grades and test scores. But there are also many other benefits you can look forward to.

Expert teaching

Your Math teacher may be knowledgeable, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they can teach Geometry in a way that makes sense to you. Private tutors have experience teaching students in this unique environment, so they can tailor each tutoring session to your needs. You don’t need to worry about trying to follow a dry textbook or study based on examples that don’t make sense to you. You can get the exact help you need for the specific concepts you’re struggling with.

Preparation for college

Geometry is foundational to Calculus, Trigonometry, and college Algebra along with other courses like Computer Science and Physics. Without good Geometry skills, it’s hard to be successful in those advanced courses.

You’ll also need to be able to solve Geometry problems to score well on standardized tests. A private Geometry tutor can help you prepare for your college entrance exams and make sure you’re ready for your university Math courses.

A better academic experience

When you’re confused and frustrated in Math class, it hurts your self-esteem and your confidence. With help from an experienced tutor, you can learn in a positive environment without judgment or competition from your peers. Improving your Geometry grades can help you win back your academic confidence.

How Much Does a Geometry Tutor Cost?

Private tutoring isn’t inexpensive, but it doesn’t always cost hundreds of dollars. Most private tutors charge around $70 per hour, but you can find instructors who charge more and others who charge less. The rate can depend on the tutoring topic as well as the student’s grade level and the tutor’s credentials. 

You’ll probably pay more for a tutor who has a bachelor’s degree than one who is currently a college student. Instructors for niche subjects also tend to charge more. For example, you might need to pay more for a Geometry tutor than for an elementary Math tutor. The rates for online tutors are similar to those for in-person instructors.

How Do I Choose a Geometry Tutor?

There are several factors to consider when you are deciding which Geometry tutor to hire. First, think about credentials. A tutor needs more than just a deep knowledge of Math – they need to be a skilled teacher who can explain things in an understandable way. Look for a tutor who has several years of Math tutoring experience at your level.

The best way to know if a potential tutor is a good one is to look through online reviews. The internet makes it easy to find reviews and testimonials from former tutoring students. Try to find a Geometry tutor who has lots of happy clients. When you’re reading reviews, watch for evidence of measurable results like better grades and higher test scores. 

How to Find a Geometry Tutor Near You

It’s easy to find the perfect Geometry tutor using the internet. Start with an online search for Geometry tutors in your area. You’ll probably end up with some options for in-person tutoring and remote tutoring online. There are pros and cons to each, so decide which setup feels best for you.

Once you have a list of potential tutors, you can narrow it down based on cost and specialty. Look for a tutor who specializes in Geometry at the level you’re studying it, whether that’s middle school or college. If you want specific tips about doing well on the Math portion of the ACT and SAT, look for a tutor who offers test prep services.

You can read reviews from prior tutoring students to narrow down your list even further. To make your final decision, consider contacting your final candidates. You can ask questions about their teaching style and credentials to find the one that fits your needs the best.

Common Geometry Skills & Topics to Know

Geometry is often taught as a standalone Math course, but sometimes it’s incorporated into other classes, such as Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, or Pre-Calculus. Many geometric concepts have applications in advanced Math courses like Trigonometry and Calculus.

Before you can expect to do well in Geometry, you should have a good understanding of basic arithmetic as well as shapes and solids. It’s useful to understand the basics of angles, points, and lines, and how they relate to each other. These ideas are studied in-depth in Geometry.

Circles are also featured heavily in Geometry classes. You’ll likely learn about how to find the circumference and area of a circle. You’ll need to understand the difference between diameter and radius, and you’ll spend a lot of time learning about Pi and how it’s used in various calculations.

Geometry Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still not sure whether you need a Math tutor or what to look for when hiring one, read on. These are answers to the most common questions students ask about Math tutoring.

What is Geometry?

Geometry is a branch of Mathematics that deals with lines, points, angles, and their properties. Students may learn about the properties of two-dimensional objects and three-dimensional solids as well. Some common Geometry topics are circumference, area, diameter, and the mathematical constant, Pi (ℼ).

What does a Geometry tutor do?

A private Geometry tutor provides individualized instruction to students in a one-on-one or small-group setting. Most in-person or online Geometry tutors use a combination of problem-solving demonstrations and lectures about fundamental Geometry topics. Math tutors work with individuals of all ages, from elementary and middle school students to high school students and college students.

Are Geometry tutors worth it?

While every student is different, most people find that Math tutoring is a worthwhile investment. With a tutor, you can avoid the frustration of feeling lost in Geometry class or spending hours on your homework and still getting poor grades. A tutor takes the time to explain complicated concepts to you in a clear way, so you can learn at your own pace and improve your grades.

Is online Geometry tutoring available?

Yes. Most internet-based tutoring services offer lessons in a variety of Math subjects, including Geometry. 

How is online tutoring different from in-person tutoring?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of tutoring. Traditional in-person tutoring sessions allow you to work with your instructor on homework and practice problems. With online lessons, you have the ability to connect with expert Math tutors anywhere in the world, which is helpful for individuals who prefer remote lessons.

Is Geometry tutoring tax deductible?

In general, no. Private Geometry tutoring is considered a personal expense, and the IRS doesn’t allow you to deduct personal expenses on your taxes.

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