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Is Microeconomics causing you difficulties in school this year?  Are you looking for a microeconomics crash course to start turning school around? We’ve got 100s of tutors near you that can help with this whether it’s high school, college level & beyond.

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Microeconomics is a branch of economics that focuses on how individual consumers and producers make their decisions. This could be a single person, a household, a small business or a large government organization. It can cover topics such as;

  • Elasticity
  • Consumer and producer surplus
  • Supply and demand
  • Perfect competition
  • Monopoly

The hardest thing about microeconomics is that it usually requires a good understanding of calculus-based math, which can be incredibly difficult. However, it isn’t always ‘math heavy’ so don’t be too intimidated. In fact, microeconomics offers many real-world applications and can be a very interesting subject, making it a little easier to learn that other, similar subjects such as macroeconomics. However, if you struggle with math and are finding your microeconomics course rather math-intensive, but are still keen on microeconomics check out our tutors. They will help keep your math knowledge up to scratch so you can focus on the more practical areas of the subject.

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