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Are you or your child having a hard time with Mandarin and you’re looking for a private Mandarin tutor that can help? Getting the right person that can help before things get worse can make all the difference in how you do this year.

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When it comes to foreign languages, it doesn’t get much harder than Mandarin for Chinese languages. Here’s why;

  • The meaning of words change according to tone. There are four tones (five if you count neutral tone) and changing the tone changes the meaning of the sound, and therefore the word. Confusing isn’t it?
  • There are around 80,000 characters in the Mandarin language, and whilst you could probably get by learning around 1,000 of them, it’s still a lot more than the 26 letters in the English language!
  • Speaking, reading and writing are three very different skills. Unfortunately, practicing one does not often help you learn the others. For this reason, it can be very time consuming.

On the flips side, learning Mandarin isn’t as hard as you think thanks to the straightforward grammar and sentence structure, which is very similar to English. Learning any language is hard, and Mandarin is no different, but you shouldn’t be intimidated by it. It is a sensible language and considering it is the most commonly spoken language in the world, it’s definitely worth learning! To help with your fluidity and tone, we recommend using one of our tutors. Native speaking, they can help you speak Mandarin like a local!

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Have you heard the oft quoted definition of insanity? “Doing the same things again and again and expecting a different result.”?  Well, if you’ve been struggling with Mandarin and not able to get the results that you are looking for, perhaps it’s time to try something different? Our Mandarin tutors are experts in making even Mandarin clear and easily understood.  We have some of the best online Mandarin tutor, in home tutors as well as Skype options to help you master this language. So whatever you are looking for, we make it simple to get the help you need now.  Just add the Subject and Zip Code in the search box and you’ll find several local tutors that are available to help you starting now.Best of all, if there’s not a fit, the 1st session is free with the “Good Fit” guarantee.  So, what are you waiting for?  Start getting the results that you deserve today.

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