How to Find a Private Tutor Near Me: What You Need to Know

The most common phrase we hear from parents and students is, “I want to find a private tutor near me!” Because when you realize that a course (or semester) isn’t quite going the way that you would like, getting fast and effective help is what you are looking for. Any current or past student will be able to tell you that education, and the exams that come with it, aren’t all that easy. Sometimes a little extra help is exactly what students need to help them reach their full potential and those higher grades – and that’s why you want to find a private tutor near you.

What to Look For In a Private Tutor

There are hundreds of private tutors here, and if you’re going to spend money on extra tuition you want to make sure that out of those hundreds, you find the right private tutor for you.

The first thing you should check is their qualifications. Before you start paying a tutor, you need to know that they’re qualified to teach the subject and at the level you need help. If you need tutoring for a specific subject, look for a tutor who has graduated in that subject area, taken several related courses on the topic – someone who is a specialist in that field. Or if you need a tutor for a younger student, who hasn’t yet narrowed down the subjects that they’re studying, a tutor with a teaching degree and experience working with children of similar ages might be more suitable.

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Everyone has different learning styles, so if you need lessons that are more specific than general teaching methods to help you take everything in, ask potential tutors if they’d be able to cater to different learning styles. You could even ask for a sample lesson plan.

If you’re seeking tutoring before an upcoming exam, it’s also worth asking tutors if they’re familiar with your exam board and mark schemes. This way, they can help you learn exactly what you need to know, and give you tips on how to present answers in an examiner friendly manner.

The private tutoring cost is also something you want to consider when looking for a tutor. Generally, tutors charge per hour, and the cost is usually between $15 and $45. How much tutor charges can be an indicator of their experience. Tutors that have cheaper hourly rates may not have that much experience, but equally, if a tutor is a little on the expensive side, you should check that they can justify their private tutoring cost with relevant qualifications and experience.

Why Is It Important to Find a Private Tutor Near Me? Why Not Just Use an Online Tutor?

It’s all very well to find the perfect tutor ready and able to assist you in whatever course or area you are looking for, but if they’re located hundreds of miles away, they’re not going to be much help. You need a tutor that’s only a few miles away.

There are a lot of online tutors and resources nowadays, which might seem like the easier option, but finding a tutor who will deliver lessons in person will help you progress much more quickly. Often, online tutors and resources are for generic use by many students. A tutor near you will get to know you personally and cater to your individual abilities and learning style.

GRE Private TutorA local tutor is more likely to be familiar with your school’s syllabus and exam processes and requirements, as most of their students will attend the same schools. Often, local tutors are in contact with the teachers at local schools, and work with them to improve students’ points of weaknesses. So hiring a private tutor near you means that you’ll be getting personal support from all angles. If this is the case, you might find that local tutors can even deliver their lessons within your school, so that lessons can take place in a safe and familiar environment, and make use of all of the possible resources.

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If you plan on having the lessons either at your own home or your tutor’s home, obviously you’ll need your tutor to be close by. Having a private tutor near you will make it much easier to plan lessons last minute should you find out you quickly need help in some area or before a test, and at times that suit you both. The closer your tutor is, the more flexible you’ll be able to be with lessons and schedules generally.

The closer the tutor, the less the private tutoring cost will be. If you have to travel to them, remember to take into account the cost of fuel on top of their hourly rate. If they travel to you, you might find the hourly rate is a little more expensive to cover the cost of their journey, or they may even ask for fuel money on top of the lesson price.  A local tutor  in your area will save both of you the hassle of any additional mileage or travel expenses.

How Can I Find Private Tutors Near Me?

Now that you’ve made the decision to find a private tutor near you, the next step is to determine just how to find one near you.  Most of us don’t have a long list of tutors readily available for whatever topics either we or our child might need.

One of the easiest ways to be put in contact with reliable tutors near you is to use an agency or website that offers top-notch private tutors. Tutors that work with an organization are usually required to undergo background checks and have to meet certain levels of qualification and experience requirements, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.  And these days, making sure that there are some qualifications checks, as well as verification of the tutor themselves, adds a level of safety and security that is important for you and/or your child.

A private tutoring site also makes it easy to find a whole range of tutors in one place. Rather than continuously searching different websites, you can just search their database of tutors to see the wide selection of tutors that might be able to help you. So whether you are looking for college math tutors or just want to know how to easily find a math tutor for your child, this is a fast, secure and easy way to do that.  No matter where you live, there is bound to be a range of suitable tutors near you.

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Another advantage to using an organization is that you’ll be dealing with a company rather than just an individual. If your tutor can longer make a lesson, you may be able to quickly find a replacement. Or if you have any issues, the company will help you resolve them in the best way they can.

There are of course other ways to find private tutors. You could also find private tutors near you by asking your school if they know any tutors that they’d recommend. Teachers will know what their students need to help them progress and excel at the course as well as the subject matter, and will be able to suggest tutors that the school knows are reliable, trustworthy, and suitable for your needs. The only trouble with finding a tutor this way is that the school may be in contact with limited tutors, so searching online is definitely the best way to go.

You don’t even have to search for too long, in fact, you can search for tutors right here on our site. We have a huge database of tutors, ready to teach you everything you need to know and help you pass any upcoming exams with flying colors.

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