GED Test in New York: Online Tutoring

Here’s a little bit of news to folks in New York interested or are planning on taking the GED Test in New York – She Be Gone!

Yup, the GED Test will be replaced by an exam that will be developed by McGraw-Hill, who will create their own version of the High School Equivalency Exam.

I guess in January, the state of New York won’t offer a free version of the GED Test. Instead, New York will offer a test called Test Assessing Secondary Completion, or, TASC, for short. It’s a test developed by McGraw-Hill. If you ask me, I think the acronym GED is much cooler than TASC.

TASC, SHMASK. That’s what I say.

In terms of content, the test will appear the same and will cover GED Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, and GED History topics. And, the test will last up to 7 hours. Awesome.

I suppose what motivated the New York State was increasing costs. For the state of New York, it costs $6 Million to administer the GED Test. Representatives from the state of New York claim that the new version of the GED will cost less.

Just a little info for New Yorkers that were trying to figure out how to pass a GED or its equivalent exam this year!

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