SAT Essential Words and Definitions–know your stuff!

SAT coming up?  Quickly come to know these words  below:

Acclaim; v, n. 

Verb: to applaud or congratulate with much enthusiasm; to strongly approve.

My tennis coach always acclaimed us for our good work.

Noun: enthusiastic applause or recognition.

I was met with much acclaim when I returned home.

Admirable; adj. worthy of being admired or respected.

His attention to me on our date was so admirable it made me like him even more.

Applaud; v. To express approval, often by the clapping of hands.

They all applauded me as I walked into the stadium.

Approbation; n. Expression of approval, often official in nature.

The President’s approbation for the new law was not received well.

Celebrate; v. To praise or make widely known or creditable.

We celebrated the proposal of Mike to Shauna.

Citation; n. Official commendation or recognition.

She received a citation for her terrible parking.

Creditable; adj. deserving of often limited praise or accommodation.

The performance I gave wasn’t the best but it was creditable.

Another definition: Deserving of commercial credit or reputation.

The article was not creditable and it misled many people.

Encomium; n. Warm, deserving praise; a tribute.

I gave the boy an encomium for all the wonderful things he did for the community.

Esteem; n. Favorable respect or regard.

I have high self-esteem because I love myself.

Eulogy; n. A laudatory speech written in praise of a person, usually after his or her death.

At her funeral, so many people gave amazing eulogies that brought me to tears.

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