Your State’s Favorite Tom Cruise Movie

After 36 years, Tom Cruise has come back to the big screen as pilot Maverick. In between the original “Top Gun” film from 1986 and the most recent “Top Gun: Maverick,” Cruise has given us plenty of other movies to enjoy—more than 50 movies overall!

To celebrate Tom Cruise and his many roles, Private Tutoring At Home took a look at some of his top movies to see which ones are the most popular in the United States. Find out which Tom Cruise movie is your state’s favorite on the map below!

Map of Every State's Favorite Tom Cruise Movie

Fun Facts & Findings

  • Cruise improvised his dance in “Risky Business”
  • Collateral” is the most popular movie in the nation, being the favorite in 13 states
  • Tom Cruise actually has his pilot license and is certified to fly
  • American Made” is the favorite in only one state, making it the least favorite in the nation (out of the movies we analyzed)
  • Cruise won’t allow his likeness to be used for action figures or video game characters


We looked at Google search trends during the last year for the most popular Tom Cruise movies, as ranked by Rotten Tomatoes. We compared the relative search volume in each state to find out which movie is every state’s favorite. For any states that had a tie between two or more movies, we took the movie with the highest search volume, according to Ahrefs.

StateFavorite Tom Cruise Movie
AlabamaThe Color of Money
AlaskaEdge of Tomorrow
ArizonaMission: Impossible – Fallout
ArkansasAmerican Made
District of ColumbiaMinority Report
FloridaMinority Report
GeorgiaThe Color of Money
HawaiiMission: Impossible – Fallout
IdahoMinority Report
IllinoisMinority Report
IndianaRisky Business
IowaMission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
KansasEdge of Tomorrow
KentuckyMission : Impossible – Fallout
MaineRain Man
MichiganMission: Impossible – Fallout
MinnesotaMission: Impossible – Fallout
MississippiMinority Report
MissouriMission: Impossible – Fallout
MontanaRain Man
NebraskaRisky Business
NevadaMission : Impossible – Fallout
New HampshireRain Man
New JerseyCollateral
New MexicoCollateral
New YorkCollateral
North CarolinaCollateral
North DakotaMinority Report
OhioRain Man
OklahomaMinority Report
OregonMission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
PennsylvaniaMinority Report
Rhode IslandMission: Impossible – Fallout
South CarolinaCollateral
South DakotaRisky Business
TennesseeMission: Impossible – Fallout
TexasMission: Impossible – Fallout
UtahEdge of Tomorrow
VermontMinority Report
VirginiaMinority Report
West VirginiaRain Man
WisconsinMission : Impossible – Fallout
WyomingMission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

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