Homeschool Tutors in New Orleans

new orleans homeschool tutorsHomeschool Tutors in New Orleans

This post is the first of a series I’m calling: Subject by City. What I mean is that I’m going to highlight tutors that teach a specific subject in a city. Make sense? Okay, here we go.

Today’s subject of the day is Homeschool. And the city is New Orleans. Hence, Homeschool Tutors in New Orleans, or, people that homeschool within 20 miles of zip code 70119.

Feel free to see the rest of the Homeschool Tutors in New Orleans area.

A Quick Observation

So, I’ve noticed that there is quite a bit of inbound traffic from people looking for tutors that homeschool in the New Orleans area. I have a hypothesis. From what I know, and I could be totally wrong, New Orleans doesn’t have the best public school in the state. If that’s true, then I’d imagine a large number of parents wish to homeschool their children because they might feel that by doing so their children could receive a better education than from the public school system.

Here’s what I think is interesting. Again, Google, through their search prowess, is describing a social phenomenon. They can predict I believe accurately which states are more likely to homeschool their children based on search data.

How cool is that!

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