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Best AP Calculus Tutors Near You:

Whether you are taking AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC, you are in for a lot of work and studying time to master these topics!  For those that don’t know, the AP Calculus BC is ALL of Calc AB plus more in one course!  So, you really want to love calculus to take that on. Plus these courses are equal to college calculus courses that you take at the high school level.

How an AP Calculus Tutor Can Help:

One of the best things that you can to at the outset is to find an AP Calculus tutor that can help you stay on track and if you are struggling at any point, get you back on the course.  These are not the type of courses that you can spend much time being lost.  Too long, and you’ll be scrambling for the rest of the semester and potentially the year.  Taking the AP course is a long way from traditional Calculus and Pre-Calculus as you have probably found out!

Topics that are covered in the AB course include:

  • Analysis of graphs (predicting and explaining behavior)
  • Limits of functions (one and two sided)
  • Asymptotic and unbounded behavior
  • Continuity
  • Derivatives
    • Concept
    • At a point
    • As a function
    • Applications
    • Higher Order derivatives
    • Techniques
  • Integrals
    • Interpretations
    • Properties
    • Applications
    • Techniques
    • Numerical approximations
    • Fundamental theorem of calculus
  • Antidifferentiation
  • L’Hôpital’s rule

Topics that are covered in the Calculus BC course include:

  •     Convergence tests for series
  •     Taylor series
  •     The use of parametric equations
  •     Polar functions  – including arc length in polar coordinates
  •     Calculating curve length in parametric and function equations
  •     Integration by parts
  •     Improper integrals
  •     Differential equations for logistic growth
  •     Using partial fractions to integrate rational functions

With the detailed information required to ace these Advanced Placement exams, having an AP Calculus tutor is a smart and cost effective way to make sure that you get the results you are looking for both with the topics you need to understand as well as improving your test taking abilities.

How to Find an AP Calculus Tutor Near You:

Take your first step to find a great AP Calculus tutor to help you in AP Calculus now! It’s a fast, easy process – you simply type in the subject that you need help with and your zip code and you’ll find several available tutors for in home tutoring or online tutoring as well.  We have tutors with a variety of experience and rates to meet your requirements. All you do is review their experience and background to find a few that fit.  Once you do, send them a message with any questions you have or a question on the topic.  That will help you get an understanding if there’s a fit.  Don’t forget to check out their reviews as well, you’ll get a better understanding of the person as well from reviews.And remember, the first hour is covered by a “Good Fit” guarantee – you don’t pay if there’s not a fit. So what do you have to lose?  Find the right tutor to help you now!

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