SAT Essential Words

Hey guys! Here is just some extra practice for the SAT”s. Try to have fun! Good luck!

Spasmodic; adj.
Having the characteristic of a spasm or convulsion.
The doctor said that the medicine could cause spasmodic episodes.

Happening intermittently; from time to time.
The spasmodic sound of fireworks made the little boy frightened.

Sporadic; adj.
Occurring at different intervals, with no set pattern.
The rain this summer has been sporadic, which is why I’ve seen my dad watering the lawn so much.

Short-lived; temporary; only passing, not permanent.
Kami was involved in another of her transitory relationships.

Vacillate; verb.
To move back and forth, especially being unable to make up ones mind.
I vacillated between blue socks or red socks all morning.

Habitual; adj.
Naturally out of habit or routine; regular and common.
It became habitual for Joseph to brush his teeth every morning.

Incessant; adj.
Continuing without interruption, sometimes to an excessive degree.
In incessant snow was becoming overwhelming for my stressed mom.

Impalpable; adj.
Not able to be grasped, held, or understood.
Tess struggled with math because she felt it was impalpable.

Incidental; adj.
Having little or no importance or impact.
The hurricane caused Jo destruction so it was incidental.

Irrelevant; adj.
Unrelated to the matter being considered.
Taylor’s answer to the question was very irrelevant.

Modicum; adj.
A small, very modest, or token amount.
Billy took a modicum of Jesse’s birthday cake.

Nonessential; adj.
Not essential; of little or trivial importance.
When Sadie looked on Google, she found a lot of nonessential information to what she was looking for.

Whit; noun.
The least bit; just an iota.
Savanah didn’t give a whit about finishing her math homework.

Considerable; adj.
In a large or impressive amount or significance.
The teacher found her suggestion considerable.

Intense; adj.
Of extreme degree, characteristics,strength, or effort.
Alex’s training was so intense that she won a gold medal.

Momentous; adj.
Significant and meaningful; sometimes even historically important.
Jonathan made a momentous decision to throw the football which led them to a victory.

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