SAT Essential Words

Essential SAT word:

Actuality; n.  The state of being actual or real; truly existing.

On Halloween the children were so taken by the costumes that they had a difficult time distinguishing between actuality and pretend.

Essential SAT word:

Applicable; adj.  Readily usable; practical.

Lorena was not sure that her ideas were applicable to the problem, but she offered them, nevertheless.

Essential SAT word:

Authenticity; n.  The quality or condition of being authentic, trustworthy or genuine.

Before paying the high price for the painting, the art dealer had to check the authenticity of the work.

Essential SAT word:

Bona fide; adj.  Authentic and genuine.

Among all the knockoffs in the shoe store, I found an inexpensive pair of bona fide Steve Madens.

Bona fide; adj.  Made and carried out in good faith.

The offer on the farmhouse was a bona fide agreement; the seller and buyer shook hands to secure the deal.

Essential SAT word:

Categorical; adj.  Without exception; absolute and explicit.

Nobody in the room doubted that Samuel was the categorical winner of the Lincoln-Douglas debate.

Categorical; adj.  Of or relating to categories or arrangement or order.

Sammy was so left-brained, logical, and sequential that no one was surprised when she put all her information in precise, categorical order.

Essential SAT word:

Defensible; adj.  Justifiable for accuracy.

Maria had a defensible position: There was no doubt that she would win the debate.


Essential SAT word:

Factual; adj.  Of the nature of fact; real.

Even though the book was a work of fiction, it was full of factual information about that historical era.

Essential SAT word:

Genuine; adj.  Not counterfeit, but authentic; honest and real; free from hypocrisy or dishonesty; sincere.

My uncle gave me  genuine two-dollar bill for my birthday.

Essential SAT word:

Invulnerable; adj.  Impossible to damage or enter; not able to alter the reality.

The front door seemed invulnerable; it was made of steel, and it sported seven strong locks as well.

Essential SAT word:

Legitimacy; n.  The quality of being legitimate-authentic, genuine, and according to the law.

The painting was suspect, so the legitimacy of its authenticity was questionable.

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