SAT Essential Words

SAT Essential word:
unassailable; adj.  Undeniable, actual, and authentic.
The unassailable truth came out when Marla’s little brother realized that their parents were really the tooth fairy.

SAT Essential word:
valid; adj.  Real, authentic, correct; sound and well-grounded.
Benny Lee was able to draw a valid conclusion only after he had discovered allt he facts.

SAT Essential word:
veracity; n.  Adherence to truth, reality, accuracy, and precision.
The teacher confirmed the veracity of the student’s late pass by checking with the teacher who supposedly wrote the pass.

SAT Essential word:
veritable; adj.  Being truly so-called; real or genuine.
A veritable stranger was kind enough to give Suzanne enough money to use the phone so she could call home.

SAT Essential word:
aberration; n.  A defect of departure from the normal; deviation or imperfection.
My mother was not sure whether her occasionally seeing her dead great grandmother was real or an aberration.

SAT Essential word:
artifice; n.  Pretense, deception, or ruse.
The young woman was about 90 percent artifice and only 10 percent authentic.

Essential SAT word:

invulnerable; adj.  Impossible to damage or enter; not able to alter the reality.
The front door seemed invulnerable; it was made of steel, and it sported seven strong locks as well.

Essential SAT word:

legitimacy; n.  The quality of being legitimate-authentic, genuine, and according to the law.
The painting was suspect, so the legitimacy of its authenticity was questionable.

Essential SAT word:

materiality; n.  The state of being material.
Esther was so intent upon possessing things that her friends started questioning her focus on materiality.

Essential SAT word: materiality; n.  Being of real or substantive quality.
In Macbeth, Banquo’s ghost appears to Macbeth with such materiality that he is overwhelmed by guilt over Banquo’s murder.

Essential SAT word:

pragmatic; adj.  Dealing with facts, reality, and actual occurrences.
Aaron’s insubstantial reasons were not pragmatic, so consequently non one believed him.

Essential SAT word:
tangible; adj.  Possible to touch; possible to be treated as fact; real or concrete.
Carlos’s fantasy became tangible when Angie, the girl of his dreams, agreed to go out with him.

Essential SAT word:
tenable; adj.  Capable of being maintained; able to be maintained because of genuineness.
The team’s successful season was barely tenable because of the girls’ growing apathy toward attending practice.

Essential SAT word:
truism; n.  Self-evident truth, actuality, and reality.
The rumor about a possible scandal became a truism once the facts were released to the public.


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