How to Pass the NCLEX Exam with Help From Those Who Know

Finally!  You have made it to the NCLEX Exam, so why are you so glum?  Maybe that’s exactly why you are so down – You now have to register and pass the NCLEX exam after all of this schooling.  And as you know, that’s not the easiest of things to make happen.  But, since you are reading this post, you are starting to take the steps that you need to successfully and smoothly master what’s needed to ace the exam.  Well, we’re going to make it simple and share with you some tips from “those who know”.

What we mean by “those who know” is those who have been there and done it already.  We’re talking former students, teachers and NCLEX tutors that KNOW what you need to know and are willing to share show they made it through to the end.

NCLEX tutorWe’ll cover some NCLEX test study tips in another post soon. So be on the lookout for that one.  Right now let’s focus on the fundamentals.  Just what do you need to know and how does that break out in terms of the overall test.  According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, the NCLEX test categories are as follows:

Physiological Integrity

  • Basic Care and Comfort                                                    7-13%
  • Pharmocological & Parenteral Therapies                      5-11%
  • Reduction of Risk Potential                                              12-18%
  • Physiological Adaptation                                                  12-18%

Safe, Effective Care Environment

  • Management of Care                                                        7-13%
  • Safety and Infection Control                                            5-11%

Psychosocial Integrity

  • Psychosocial Adaptation                                                   5-11%
  • Coping & Adaptation                                                         5-11%

Health Promotion & Maintenance

  • Prevention & Early Detection of Disease                     5-11%
  • Growth & Development Through the Life Span         7-13%

If we break out our studying into the above categories and groupings, we can focus appropriate amounts of studying time on each area proportionate to its weight on the exam.  Of course, you need to check and see which of these areas are you strongest in and which is your weakest and add a bit of additional time as needed in the areas that you feel you need to bone up on a bit more.

private nclex tutorsOur goal here was to find tips from those who have gone before that can help you create your own game plan for prepping and then acing this exam (yes, you CAN DO THAT…).

NCLEX Exam Success Story #1 –

  • Some nights I studied with a partner and shared books and review notes.
  • Scheduled exam as soon as I got my eligibility letter and definitely recommend doing that! I didn’t have any listening with headphones questions or click the diagram but did have a ton of select all responses that applied.
  • Best advice – Study with someone at least part of the time and argue out your reasons why. It helps with learning from one another.  Also, approach the “select all” questions with a true or false mindset in helping to choose.

NCLEX Exam Success Story #2 –

  • Dedicated 4-8 hours a day from graduation on for practice, studying and understanding the rational behind the answers to each question.
  • Used NSSBN learning extension as a cheap online course for some review and practice tests.
  • Best advice – Schedule and take the NCLEX as soon as possible after graduation. It keeps the concepts fresh and in your mind.

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 NCLEX Exam Success Story #3 –

  • I used review books, online questions and various online websites and sources.
  • Like others, I scheduled my exam as soon after graduation as possible and worked under a temporary license until then.
  • Take time when answering the questions. Work through them – you know the information! Don’t beat yourself up if you get something wrong or don’t even get the questions.
  • Best advice – the night before, cut yourself off from reviewing. Do what relaxes and soothes you and get to bed early!

NCLEX Exam Success Story #4 –

  • I had an NCLEX tutor HYPERLINK help me with covering all the material needed for the exam. She made me stay on topic and not lose track of what I needed to get done.  Was definitely worth it for me.
  • I covered over 1000 practice questions during my review days. It just helped with covering everything and feeling comfortable with the material.


Florence NightengaleNCLEX Exam Success Story #5 –

  • I did a combination of studying with an NCLEX tutoring option as well as on my own. That made it cost effective plus I was able to get answers and assistance when I needed it.
  • Took my test in August but recommend taking it as soon as you can. Waiting is so hard!  I had over 2 months to prepare but probably needed less.
  • Best advice – Don’t panic if you get a bad score on a practice test! Just keep tracking yourself and your overall progress and results.  That’s the goal.  Don’t study the day before.  Only check over big concepts but don’t do practice questions.  Relax and try to do something that takes your mind off the next day.  Don’t compare yourself or your test to anyone else.
  • Day of Exam Best Advice – Have breakfast! No last minute studying!  You know it and you’re ready.  Have your stuff ready to go the night before and call someone that can cheer you on while on the way there!  Moms are good for that kind of call.  And once it’s over – do something fun…

NCLEX Exam Success Story #6 –

  • I would encourage people to go through a review course or study with a private NCLEX tutor at some points. I scheduled my exam 3-4 weeks after graduation.  I took tests, reviewed every day.  This worked for me and others in passing the exam first time around.

From these and other reviews and comments that we’ve received, we can sum up some of the critical points for success in NCLEX exam tips and studying:

 NCLEX Tutoring and Study Tips:

  1. Schedule your exam as soon as possible after graduation. It’s good for you, your brain and your success with the NCLEX.
  2. A study partner, at least part time, can be helpful in getting new information ideas and sharing that pain.
  3. A review course or private NCLEX tutors can help you stay on track and cover everything you need to cover as successfully as possible.
  4. No matter what you do, YOU have to be self-motivated to be successful!
  5. Preparation time periods seem to run from 4 weeks to 10 weeks depending on person and schedules. Allocate an appropriate amount of time for you and your preparation.
  6. The day before the exam is when you shut the books, put it all away and relax before the exam day.
  7. Once you have finished the exam it’s time to reward yourself! We’ve heard it all – workout, shopping, spa therapy and so much more. What’s going to be your reward for a job well done?

Hopefully these review tips and NCLEX exam preparations from those of us at will help you in successfully acing that exam!  Let us know how you do in the comments below.

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