ACT/SAT words. From Extol to Panegyric

 ACT/SAT coming up?  Calm your nerves by learning these words.

Extol; v. To praise highly. 

They extolled me when I returned after receiving my bachelor’s degree with honors.

Kudos; n. Praise; a compliment.

Kudos to whoever came up with the brilliant idea of sliced bread.

Laudable; adj. worthy of praise and/or recognition.

She did a laudable deed and because of this, she was very much loved in the community.

Meritorious; adj. deserving of award, merit, or praise.

I admired his meritorious behavior of attempting to save the child.

Panegyric; n. A formal public compliment or elaborate praise.

After all chaos politician had caused, there was much panegyric when he resigned from his place of office.

Praiseworthy; adj. Meriting praise and high commendation.

Everything he did was praiseworthy and that’s why I so easily loved him.

Abominate; v. To detest thoroughly.

He was an abominable person who was so forceful and mean.

Admonitory; adj. Mildly cautionary, reproving, or scolding.

The teacher’s admonitory tone made me know I was close to getting on her last nerve.

Berate; v. To scold angrily and at length.

She berated her daughter for coming home long after curfew.

Blameworthy; adj. Worthy of blame or reproof; guilty; deserving punishment.

Everything she did was blameworthy. She put behind every act her rebelliousness.

Castigate; v. To criticize thoroughly, even to punish for an infraction.

After I got in a physical fight at school, I was castigated by my father and grounded for two months.

Censurable; adj. Deserving of censure or blame.

This material is censurable and needs to be blocked.

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