I Got a C in 9th Grade Math, Now What?

7th grade math tutorIn 9th Grade Math, I got a C, now what?

This is another article by my daughter, who is a Freshman in high school and is in 9th grade math. Here, she shares her story of when she got a C in 9th grade math and what she did to learn from it and then to turn things around. I hope you find the article interesting and helpful. Thanks for reading – and, if you’re interested, she wrote another really interesting article on Organization Tips for High School Students.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the picture of the Afro to the right is all about, I have no idea. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now an Afro on a post about Math seems just really random. Oh well.

This past term in school, I got my first C. Devastated by this I’m determined for it to not happen again. But what went wrong this grading term? Let’s make it into a lesson for us all.

One factor that went into my C is that I did not understand things we learned earlier and so when we added upon that knowledge I was doomed to fail because I hadn’t understood before.

Lesson 1

Make sure you understand what you’re learning before you move on in the lesson. You can’t afford a gap in your learning and understanding. Another factor resulting in my bad grade was that I didn’t reach out and receive personal help that I needed to help me understand what I didn’t. I did not ask for a tutor or even ask questions that I should’ve.
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Lesson 2

This was a fatal mistake and I know I don’t need to be afraid to ask questions or get homework help-often it’s the only way you’ll learn. I often leave school at school and seem to forget about it at home. Instead, it would have been beneficial to me if I had laid out what I needed help on and done some practice at home. Even reviewing notes would have been better than forgetting about school when I stepped into my house.

Lesson 3

Take some time at home to do school work and review. It’s all for your benefit anyway.


By figuring our the factors that played into my bad grade, I learned some crucial things I need to be doing in order to get good grades, but not only that: I learned things needed as habits in order to get the most out of my education and be more prepared for things ahead including college.

Key points learned:

  • Make sure you understand what you’ve learned before moving on
  • Ask questions and reach out for the help you need
  • Take some school home and review

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