Organization Tips for High School Students

ways to get organized in high schoolOrganization Tips for High School Students

Okay. So, I asked my daughter, Kameron, who is a Freshman in High School how she stays organized in High School. And, being the awesome daughter that she is, she went ahead and wrote this article. Now, you need to know something about Kameron: she is very organized, is a member of Key Club, is really involved in Church, and help her 8 younger siblings with everything. She pretty much rocks the house. I hope this article helps you as these tips have helped her.

Do you ever have trouble staying organized with school? And with school moving so fast, do you ever feel like by Wednesday you practically don’t know what’s gong on? Here are some tried and true tips to help you stay organized.

Tips for Getting Organized for High School Students

  1. Go through your binder after receiving every report card. Since you’ve already gotten your report card you can get rid of old assignments. Go through all your papers and notes and toss what you don’t need. If you’re not sure about something, just keep it. It won’t hurt to carry that around.
  2. Clean your room weekly. Have you ever let your room get so dirty, you can hardly see the floor? How did you do that week at school? Likely not very well. If your room is cluttered, your mind will be too. Do a weekly deep clean of your room. The first time it will be rough, but after that it will just become routine. Make your bed, clear your desk, dust…now you are ready to take on the world, let alone school!
  3. Make lists. It will help you to stay organized if you make lists. Make a list of homework assignments to do, a list of after school activities, make a list of things you want to do in general. This will help you remember all you need to do at a certain time period.
  4. Get enough sleep. This will keep you more awake during the day and aware. You will be ready to do the tasks assigned to you and have a more pleasant day. It will also be easier to wake up in the morning. I know that when I wake up late it starts my day off on the wrong foot. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready in the morning and don’t forget to eat breakfast!
  5. Plan your weekends during the week. Throughout the week, think about and write down all the things you wish to get done on the weekend. Then you can have that goal in mind and you are less likely to forget all about school the moment the Friday bell rings.
  6. Plan your week on the weekends. Sometime during the weekend, plan your week ahead. What do you want to get accomplished this week? What days will you be absolutely swamped with activities? What days will you actually get some time to yourself? By doing this, you can start your week off right and know what to expect.

Acting on these suggestions might be difficult at first, but after awhile, these will become habit and much easier to apply to your life. And you can see your life changed as you become more organized!

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