Words: Paucity to Prodigious

Use some of the words below to describe amounts: “There are SO MANY ants in our yard!”  Sounds much smarter when you say, “There’s a plethora of ants in our yard!”  Say that and you’ll get all the ladies, boys.

  • Paucity; n. Smallness of number.
  • Those in charge of the election were disappointed when they saw the paucity of voters that came.
  • Scarcity of amount.
  • There was a paucity of clean water which caused some panic.
  • Petty; adj. Trivial; of little importance.
  • I am in charge of many things an I must leave the petty details to be taken care of by others.
  • Narrow-minded; shortsighted.
  • Don’t be petty and miss the big picture while being trivial over small details.
  • Mean and grudging.
  • She’s so petty that she’s still mad at me for the wrong I did to her ten years ago.
  • Pittance; n. A very small amount, often referring to an unusually meager amount of money.
  • I only earn a pittance at my current job and that is why I’m looking for new employment.
  • Scant; adj., v. Adjective: Barely sufficient; falling short of a necessary amount; inadequately supplied.
  • Because of the weather, only a scant amount of fans came to the baseball game.
  • Verb: To shortchange or deal with something inadequately or neglectfully.
  • Because of my demanding job, I scant on time with family.
  • Mammoth; n, adj.
  • noun: a great, hairy, prehistoric, elephant-like creature.
  • I have seen a replica of the remains of a prehistoric mammoth.
  • Anything if unusual size.
  • Did you see the mammoth mosquito?


  • Adjective: enormous; of great or unusual size or proportions.
  • Driving the enormous truck was a fun experience for me.


  • Monumental; adj. Resembling a monument.
  • The monumental gathering for the opening or the store was really fun.


  • Exceptionally large, sturdy, or enduring.
  • It may seem like a monumental undertaking but I know it will be worth it to write a book.


  • Plethora; n. An excessive amount; a surplus.
  • We had a plethora of jelly beans left over from Easter.


  • Prodigious; adj. Excessively great in size, force, or content.
  • The tornado caused such prodigious wind that many trees snapped in half.


  • Exceptionally talented.
  • She is a prodigious student in her school. She especially excels in theater.


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