Words: Culpable to Temerity

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Culpable; adj. At fault; deserving blame.

We knew he was culpable for robbing the bank because of the expensive things he bought the day after.

Decry; v. To openly condemn.
“Don’t decry her. She can make her own choices!” Mom yelled at me as I started to berate my sister for her poor choice.

Denounce; v. To condemn, criticize, or accuse.
I denounce him as a cheater from all I’ve heard of him from broken-hearted girls.

Deplore; v. To express strong dislike or disapproval; to condemn.
I deplore my younger sisters actions but I try to support her when she tries to change her life.

Deprecate; v. To belittle; express disapproval; deplore.
The teacher’s deprecating tone hurt my feelings.

Despise; v. To look down on with contempt or scorn.
I despise her because of the big argument we had last year.

Disparage; v. To speak in a disrespectful way; to belittle; to reduce in esteem.
I hope you don’t disparage them just because you have conflicting views.

Excoriate; v. To censure severely; to denounce; to scold; to rebuke sharply.
Be careful that after you excoriate those around you they start to despise you.

Objurgate; v. To scold sharply; to berate.
The lab technician was quick to objurgate the intern for messing up the equipment.

Reprehensible; adj. Deserving rebuke, scolding, or censure.
Her reprehensible behavior at dinner made it easy for her father to ground her.

Reproachful; adj. Deserving reproach or blame.
He looked at me reproachfully and I knew then that he thought I had committed the crime.

Reprove; v. To voice reproof or disapproval; to find fault with.
I reproved her for bullying the new kid in school.

Foolhardy; adj. Recklessly careless; unwisely daring.
His foolhardy action of slamming on his brakes periodically almost caused an accident.

Hotheaded; adj. Quick to anger, quick to act, often without regard to the consequences.
He is so hotheaded that everyone tiptoes around him as to not make him mad.

Impetuous; adj. Impulsive and passionate, sometimes marked by violent force.
Sometimes my impetuous actions prove to harm my future.

Impulsive; adj. Inclined to act on impulse rather than on thought; acting without thinking things through.
Impulsive behavior is the cause of a lot of hurt in others lives.

Insolent; adj. Bold; arrogant; rude; rash and disrespectful.
The insolent brat mocks me and imitates me in front of her friends!

Madcap; adj. Behaving impulsively, madly, or rashly, with little thought or consideration of consequences.
My madcap adventure left me stranded on the highway with an empty gas tank.

Offhanded; adj. Performed extemporaneously, without forethought or planning.
His offhand speech was rushed but from the heart. He was surprised he came up with the speech that earned a standing ovation.

Perilous; adj. Full of or involving peril or great danger.
My perilous journey trekking across the Midwest ended with much welcome.

Rash; adj. Characterized by or resulting from ill-considered haste or boldness; reckless.
Instead of making a rash decision, I think long and hard before coming to a final decision.

Reckless; adj. Indifferent to or disregarding of consequences; careless.
I am reckless when I make decisions involving love. I decide before I think.

Temerity; n. Reckless disregard for danger or one’s own safety; recklessness.
My temerity in encouraging her on the stage resulted in us both tripping on the stairs.

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