Wake Up to Justin Bieber Baby: A Lesson on Positivity

justin bieber,  baby, find a tutorSomething dawned on me recently: how you begin your day can (and usually does) impact the rest of your day. Then I thought to myself – “how do I wake up?” and the answer was sobering: I wake up to a loud and irritating “beep”, “beep”, “beep” from my alarm. That’s not good because the sound of that alarm and the feelings it creates can already set the mood and tone for the rest of my day.

So, what did I do?

I turned to Justin Bieber for the answer.

Justin Bieber Baby

I programmed my iPhone (which is my alarm clock now) to go off at 6 AM, but instead of an irritating alarm, I have the alarm set to Justin Bieber’s “Baby” song. And, I have to say, after a while, Justin Bieber has made a big difference.

So, here are the lessons learned:

  1. How you begin your day can determine the rest of your day. Start strong and positive. Drink water and eat well. Wake up with Gusto.
  2. Consider the small habits you have, such as the alarm you use. Make small changes – tiny changes can make a big difference.

Yes, I’m talking to you Tutor, Parent, and Student. This article is for all of you. Take it as a good advice from someone who learned the hard way and who has missed out on the joy of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” for years.

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