Tutor Interview Questions: Part 1

how to interview a tutorIf you want a job as a tutor, you need to be ready and prepared to answer the questions that potential clients will want to know.

Tutor Interview Questions: An Introduction

This means you need to do your homework on the following items:

  1. Who is your customer?
  2. What is their motivation for seeking a tutor?
  3. For them, what does success look like?

1. Who is Your Customer?

If a client is seeking a tutor, that client is most likely a parent who is looking for a tutor for their child. So, the “real” customer here is the parent.

2. What is their Motivation for Seeking a Tutor?

What does that mean for you, the tutor? A few things:

  • The motivation for the parent in seeking out a tutor is that their child is not performing well in school, or that they could perform much better.
  • Another motivation for a parent is that a standardized test is coming up such as the SAT Test or the ACT Test, and the parent would like their child to be completely prepared to take the test.

3. What Does Success Look Like?

These in general are the motivations that most parents will have. So, this means, then, that you need to convey the following:

  • I am a tutor that will help your child perform better than he is performing right now.
  • I am the tutor that will help your child get an amazing score on the SAT or ACT test.

If you convey the two items above and demonstrate in the past how you’ve done that for other clients, then you’ll be very competitive and will likely be receiving a job offer.

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