Tutor Background Check

Tutor Safety and Parent Safety is absolutely a top priority for a parent when searching and selecting a private tutor for their child. Not all tutors on PrivateTutoringAtHome have a background check, so it’s the parent’s responsibility to request one from the tutor they would like to interview.

Getting a tutor background check is really easy these days and also affordable. Here’s how it works.

Private Tutor Background Check Steps:

As requested by the tutor, student, or the parent, the background check company (such as LexisNexis and others) will run a background check on the following:

  • Tutor Social Security Number Verification
  • Tutor Felony convictions the past 7 years
  • Tutor sex crime convictions the past 7 years
  • Tutor Misdemeanor convictions the past 3 years for crimes of violence or crimes that constitute possible harm to children.

Since we do not provide a background check on tutors on this site, you will need to request one from them. Obviously, it will be to their employment advantage to have one available. So, thinking of safety first, feel free to ask openly. We’re here to serve you and want to make you feel comfortable

Tutor Background Check Benefits

Let’s talk about the benefits. For a low price of around $50.00, you can put thousands of parents and potential hiring families at ease. By providing a tutor background check, it gives them peace and comfort. That way, they will evaluate the items where you can truly shine. This includes your teaching experience, your knowledge of the subjects they care about, and also your interest, caring, and also your kindness.

So, low cost, high benefit. Get a tutor background check. By providing a tutor background check, you are 98% more likely to land a tutoring job than a private tutor without a tutor background check.

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