Time Management for High School Students

how to manage your time while in high schoolThere are a few age-old questions such as,

  1. What is the meaning of life?
  2. What happens after I die?
  3. Why do bad things happen to good people?

Then, there are other types of questions that don’t quite make the “big questions of life” category, but they are still pretty important. And, when you’re in high school, often the small questions are the big concerns.

PS: Yes, the picture of a girl with hair on her face has nothing to do with high school time management. But – don’t you think it’s interesting? Yeah, me too.

And so it is today. I asked my daughter, Kameron, to help me better understand what she does to stay on top of things as a freshman in high school. Below are her words and may they be helpful to you.

High School Time Management

I’m only finishing my freshman year, but I’ve seen enough of high school to understand that the greatest skill needed is how to efficiently manage your time. Making time fore homework and other activities is one thing, but getting the motication to do them is another. Here are some suggestions on how to develop the havit of managing your time.

  1. Get enough sleep. You nee your sleep to stay awake and be aware.
  2. Keep some sort of planner. This will help you keep track of things you need to get done and help you remember the homework for 1st period, seven periods later. This will also help you remember other activities in your life.
  3. Make the time to get things done. If you sis there in life waiting for an open slot of your time set aside for duties, you’ll never get those done. Make time for these things and stick to the times, getting as much done as you can.
  4. Put distractions away. Is it homework time? Put your phone away, keep the television off, don’t even eat until you’ve finished what is to get done during this time.

By following these simple steps you will quickly develop a habit of getting things done and managing your time. Be prepared to feel proud of yourself when everything is done and there is time left in the day to play.

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