“This stuff is archaic.”-Burton Guster “And really old.”-Shawn Spencer

It’s important to learn these words so you don’t embarrass yourself when you are on your TV show.  Just kidding it was part of the script, but still learn these words so you catch all intentional mistakes in TV shows?


Neophyte; n. A recent convert; a novice or beginner.

Though I am merely a neophyte in this church I am eager to learn.
Neoteric; adj. Of recent emergence; beginning; modern.

The ideas were neoteric and because they were in the beginning stages of production, they weren’t of much use to us.
Postulant; n. New to a situation; a petitioner or someone who is starting out on a new endeavor.

The postulant girl was confused with her new school’s rules.
Proselyte; n. A newcomer or someone newly converted; novice or beginner.

I am a true proselyte with this new change of policies.
Raw; adj. Uncooked or untried; inexperienced; unpracticed; experimental.

I was raw in the marines and the work was killing me.
Rudimentary; adj. Elementary; being in the earliest stages if development.

My knowledge is rudimentary but I am willing to learn.
Shaver; n. Informal, somewhat colloquial expression used to describe a young boy; one without experience.

He was a young farming shaver, yet he thought he could write a book about his farm life.
Stripling; n. an adolescent male.

The stripling warrior fought valiantly.
Untried; adj. Not tried or experienced; fledgling; without skill or knowledge.

The young police force dog was untried and violent.
Antiquated; adj. Too old to be fashionable or contemporary in thinking or style; very old or aged.

The antiquated clothing sat in the attic and collected dust.
Archaic; adj. Out if date; old; out of style, fashion, or contemporary thinking.

The equipment was archaic and needed a replacement.
Dateless; adj. Having no date; so ancient that no date can be determined; having no limits in time; timeless.

The woman wore a dateless dress that left everyone in awe. She looked refreshingly classy.
Fossilized; adj. Converted to a fossil; made outmoded or inflexible with time.

The fossilized mosquito in the amber looked interesting.

Full-fledged; adj. Fully developed mature; attaining full rank, status, or experience.

The full-fledged bird flew away from the nest, never to return.

Geriatric; adj. Of or related to the aged or the aging process.

The doctor continued his study in geriatric research.

Gerontic, gerontological; adj. Of or relating to very old age; having to do with the last stage of life.

All the gerontic men were knowledgable of the old war.

Hoary; adj. White or gray, as with age; old and venerable with wisdom and age.

The old man shook his hoary head as he told me I couldn’t enter.

Obsolescence; n. Something out of use or need; a dying breed or of unnecessary or unimportant need.

The appliances’ obsolescence was the reason they were in the dump.

Outmoded; adj. Out of fashion; of no more use, need, or practicality.

Last year’s fashion may be outmoded but surely the styles will come back eventually.

Passé; adj. Out of mode or fashion.

To some people, it is passé for the man to open the door for the woman, but it isn’t for me.
Prehistoric; adj. Of or relating to prehistory; slang-old and out of touch.

That man is so old he is prehistoric and not worth listening to.
Primeval; adj. From the earliest times or ages; original or ancient.

The primeval need for man is to survive.

Primitive; adj. Primary or basic; of or relating to an earliest or original stage or state; primeval.

I still own a primitive record player.

Primordial; adj. Early in the developmental stage; basic and ancient.

Many people know the primordial feeling of loving a child.

Seasoned; adj. Characterized by experience, skill, or practice.

I am a seasoned hockey player, I’ve played for 10 years.

Superannuated; adj. Retired or outmoded; no longer in use or need.

During spring cleaning, I discarded all the superannuated things I’ve collected.

Venerable; adj. Worthy or respect or reverence; honorable.

My grandmother is a venerable person full of wisdom.

Veteran; n. A person who is long experienced or practices in an activity or capacity; often associated with past military personnel.

My grandfather is a veteran who served in World War II.

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