Simple Study Tips to Improve Habits & Grades


private tutorIf your child is struggling in school with one particular class or even a few classes, most parents and students are looking for some solutions.   There are several options, including private tutoring. However, that can’t be the only step that you take. Making sure that what is learned in class or with a tutor is really understood is critical to your student’s success. We’ve come up with several tips from experts and tutors that work with us that we thought we’d share with you!

Study Tips #1 –

Ask your kids what they learned while in school or during their tutoring session. This will enhance a student’s critical thinking skills. Critical thinking allows a student to understand a topic, subject or skill in their own words and then being able to explain it to another person.

You can ask questions during a casual conversation or over dinner. Have patience at times while they try to put a new concept or skill into words or demonstrate it for you.

 Study Tips #2 –

Make sure to initiate open discussion in a positive and enthusiastic vein. Ask your child what is going on! Find out what they are covering and what he or she is liking or not liking. Make sure that your child is getting what they need and what you are paying for. Communication means you aren’t in the dark or having to guess what is going on or where they might be struggling in school or with their tutor.

If you have hired a private tutor and there isn’t progress or the fit doesn’t seem to be working, it’s your option to find a new tutor or discuss it with the tutor you are currently working with. There are different styles in teachers and tutors and the key is to find the right match for your child.

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Study Tip #3 –

Teach your child that they need both a healthy mind AND body! Good sleep and the right foods make all the difference in each of our ability to learn and absorb new topics and information. A few tweaks (or a lot of tweaks) to eating habits and sleep habits may be just what the doctor ordered (if you had gone to a doctor…..). Simple steps like a consistent bed time and healthy meals are important habits for a child to learn for life. Incorporating gradual changes into your family’s lifestyle may make a huge and positive difference for everyone.

This is especially important before big exams, tests or other brain draining activities.

Study Tips #4 –

Keep an eye on the results of your child’s new study habits and abilities. Whether it’s from a change in studying practices or from having an at home private tutor, see if there’s some improvement in confidence, skills and, of course, grades.   If you’ve initiated several changes and still are not seeing results, there might be other factors that are impacting your child.

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