QuickBooks Tips and Tricks: How to Learn QuickBooks Fast

Our Quickbooks tips and tricks are designed to help you learn this software quickly and painlessly! QuickBooks is a software program by Intuit. It is designed to manage payroll, inventory, sales, and other business needs. Learning how to use QuickBooks is relatively Quickbooks logostraightforward, the software is so well designed that it takes care of most of the hard work. However, when the success of your business is at stake, you don’t want to be making mistakes. Finding a QuickBooks tutor is an easy way to get your head around all the functions and features of the software without compromising business success. This article will help you identify the difficult aspects of QuickBooks and how to boost your knowledge quickly!

There are several versions of the program, so it is best to determine which is the one that suits your needs. In general, the QuickBook applications include;

  • Manage bills
  • Track miles
  • Income and expenses
  • Invoicing and payments
  • Multiple users
  • Manage contractors
  • Enhance payroll
  • Full service payroll
  • Track time
  • Inventory
  • Reporting
  • Sales and sales tax
  • Estimates
  • Tax deductions
  • Get capital

Bottom line – Quickbooks is designed to make it fast (or quick…..we couldn’t resist) to get the boring task of accounting done so that you can move forward with other areas of your life and business.  With so many features, you can see now why having a tutor is a valuable way to learn how to use QuickBooks in a fast, easy and effective way.  You can gain all that you need to know without wasting time trying to figure it out yourself.  And as someone that did initially try to do that before getting help, I have the experience to show that it’s ineffective and time consuming.

Who Uses QuickBooks

QuickBooks can be used by anyone actually.  However, it is most commonly used by small business owners as this is the intended target market that the software was created to help. Intuit must be doing something right, because QuickBooks is now used by 2.2 million small businesses across 192 countries! Now that should boost your confidence. You can read more about the success of QuickBooks here.

How to Learn QuickBooks Fast

So you’ve done all the hard work – market research, business proposals, employer interviews, and more. Your business is up and running and you’re loving it. Except for one thing. The bookkeeping and administration. This is where QuickBooks comes in. It will help manage all your data allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business. But you need to know how to use the software now!

There are plenty of QuickBooks tutorials for beginners, the software comes with a free QuickBooks training manual, and you might even be lucky enough to attend a local QuickBooks training session. However, if you are really serious about learning QuickBooks quickly and effectively, a QuickBooks tutor is the way to go. They can create tailor-made sessions to suit your exact needs and will act a little like a mentor in your business endeavors.  Within a couple of hours you’ll be up and running like a pro and able to keep track of everything you, your business and your accountant need.

Areas of Difficulty

This one is rather personal. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, so what one person finds difficult another might find easy. If your area of expertise is in your product then sales may be easy, but you will possibly struggle with income and expenses. Being good at accounting, bookkeeping and tracking is not easy for many of us!

Equally, if you are familiar with the business side of things or happen to love accounting, invoicing and payroll will be a breeze, but keeping track of your inventory will be a little more difficult. The good news is that QuickBooks is easy to learn at least on the basic level.  However there are going to be areas you may find challenging and it’s much better to have someone that can provide a bit of input quickly than employing extra people to take on unnecessary work at an unnecessary cost.

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What to Learn and How to Do it Quickly

Start by learning what you need to know. This may sound very obvious and simple, but you will most likely already be familiar with some aspects of QuickBooks even if you haven’t used the software before.  It might take a bit of time, but dig into the software to find out all the features that it offers and determine which are ones that you want or need and which can be ignored.

If you don’t travel for work you can temporarily ignore the ‘track miles’ feature, and if you don’t employ contractors, you can forget that section too! Focus on more pressing aspects such as income and expenses and managing bills to set your business on track fot quickly scale the financial ladder.

To learn as quickly as possible, skip the manual and written instructions. They can be confusing and time consuming. Instead, opt for possibly checking out some QuickBooks tutorials on YouTube. A simple search for ‘QuickBooks for Dummies’ should bring an abundance of videos that you can pause and rewind to ensure you understand key concepts. Many of these videos have been made by accountants and other professionals so you know the information you are receiving is correct.

Better still, is considering using a QuickBooks tutor. This way, the information you need will be delivered directly to you without all the stuff you don’t need. It is a far more time-effective option as well as being quite specific to your business. Where possible, try and find a QuickBooks tutor near you that is able to meet in person which will be more beneficial than online.  It will almost be like having your own personal consultant to help you not only learn the software faster than you thought possible, but also help you get setup and configured in a way that will benefit your business.

So there you have it. A brief rundown on QuickBooks and how it can help you and your business grow as well as some tips that can help you master the software quickly easily and then get back to making your business explode this year!


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