Planning For Midterms and Finals

Is it that time of year again? Midterms? Finals? Do you want to pull your hair out yet? Here are some tried and true tips to help you do your best.

-Plan ahead. Start to rehearse and review your notes and the texts BEFORE exam week so that you can cut down on your workload for the week. Starting early is essential for classes that have cumulative exams because there is so much information to review.

-Cut down on work or other commitments. If you work part-time, ask for some time off or for fewer hours at your job and make sure that your family and friends understand that you will be extra busy. Try not to add any new commitments during midterm and final time.

-Get enough sleep. Pulling all-nighters for a big exam rarely pays off. Instead try to create your schedule for exam week in a way that leaves adequate sleep time. You won’t do well on an exam if you are falling asleep while taking it.

-Study with a partner. Misery loves company and this is never truer than during midterms and finals. Hopefully by the time midterms roll around you have found a study group that works. Study with your group or study partner to keep each other on schedule and motivated to work.

-Don’t panic. The whole world will not stop and does not end because of midterms and finals. If you did thy the pressure is getting to you, readjust your schedule to allow more break time and try to really relax during those breaks. If you find that you have excessive anxiety, get some help before it becomes a stumbling block to doing well.

Excerpt from College Success Strategies by Sherrie L. Nist and Jodi Patrick Holschuh.

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