question Ever had to guess on a test?  Scary right? Of course you’ll find that you have to occasionally guess on tests.  But you should never just guess at random.  Narrowing down the answer choices first is imperative.  Otherwise, your odds of getting the right answer will be pretty slim.  Follow this plan when you guess: 1.       Eliminate answer choices you know are wrong.  Even if you don’t know the right answer, you can often tell that some of the answer choices are wrong.  For instance, on Date Sufficiency questions, you can eliminate at least two answer choices by determining the sufficiency of one statement, 2.       Avoid answer choices that make you suspicious.  These are the answer choices that just “look wrong” or conform to a common wrong-answer type.  For example, if only one of the answer choices in a Problem Solving question is negative, chances are that it will be incorrect. 3.       Choose one of the remaining answer choices.

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