Don’t be so sluggish that you don’t learn what sluggish means

Do you feel tranquil today?  How about boisterous, sluggish, blatant, or fractious?  Let someone know!


Sluggish; adj. Displaying little growth or movement; not making progress; seeming to be bottle necked or clogged to prevent advancement.

The traffic was so sluggish because of the accident that I was late for work.
Tranquility; n. Harmony; silence; quiet serenity; Undisturbed and peaceful.

I find such tranquility at the lake that I go there all the time.
Blatant; adj. Unpleasantly loud; irritatingly showy or obvious.

I blatantly disobeyed my mother and yelled at the mean man.
Boisterous; adj. Rowdy, rambunctious, and possibly out of control.

After having so much cake, the toddlers were boisterous.
Brattle; n. A rattling and crashing sound.

The brattle of metal clashing with metal is all I heard during the fight.
Brawl; v, n.

Verb: To have a loud and boisterous disagreement, possibly even a fight, but more likely just upsetting the calm and quiet.

I was suspended after I brawled on the playground when I was a child.

Noun: A loud, boisterous disagreement.

A brawl erupted at the bar, people fighting over a girl.

Adjective: brawling or brawly

The brawling crowd disturbed everyone trying to attend the ball.
Din; n. Disorder and noise; tumult and confusion.

The din at the even was so loud I couldn’t hear my friends talk.
Discordant; adj. Clashing in ideas or sound or philosophies; harsh with conflict.

The beautiful sound coming from the piano made the man scream in agony.
Fractious; adj. Unruly and noisy.

The fractious toddlers needed someone to guide them to be quiet.

Cranky or peevish.

I turn fractious if I don’t get a good nights sleep.
Hubbub; n. An upset or vehement protest or discontent; sometimes a loud, sustained noise.

The soccer victory created such a hubbub that the police were called.
Obstreperous; adj. Noisy and boisterous; sometimes even aggressive of defiant.

Her behavior became obstreperous when her boyfriend disappointed her.
Ostentatious; adj. Showy; characterized by a need to be noticed, not always favorably.

I admit I am ostentatious sometimes, wanting the press to notice me at the red carpets I am invited to.
Strident; adj. Loud and harsh; often grating and discordant; hard on the ears.

The strident hurricane alarm alerted everyone of impending danger.
Truculent; adj. Tending to argue and disagree, often vehemently and with great noise and commotion.

I become truculent when it comes to selling my stuffed animals at a good price.
Turbulent; adj. Violently upset or disturbed.

After the tornado the creek was turbulent and swept tree limbs away.

Having a restless or even revolutionary character.

The government climate was turbulent and so people were often afraid to leave the city.
Vociferous; adj. Offensively loud and often given to demonstration of agitated emotions or agitated outcry.

The lawyer vociferously spoke for the accused and everyone was nervous.


Budding; adj. Having to do with new or developing circumstances or abilities.

I am a budding trapeze artist and I am excited for my first circus performance.
Burgeoning; adj. Growing or developing; blossoming or flourishing.

My burgeoning clothing business is very special to me.
Embryonic; adj. Of or belonging to an embryo; early beginning; not yet formed or matured; rudimentary.

The bird died in its embryonic stage while still in the egg.
Fledgling; adj. New or immature; not yet out of the nest; not experienced; rudimentary.

The fledging baby bird longed to fly away.
Incipient; adj. Beginning to exist or appear; early in developmental stage.

My building plans are still in their incipient stage.
Initiate; n, v. Noun: One who is being or has been initiated; one who has been introduced to or has attained knowledge in a particular field.

Verb: To begin or start a process; to get things going.

The initiate met the visitors at the door, ready to initiate them into the world of art.
Innovation; n. The act of introducing something or someone; something newly introduced.

My innovation is so creative I cannot wait to show my team at work.
Nascent; adj. Coming into existence, emerging.

I have several nascent ideas that might work in the future of my business.

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