Critical Reasoning 21: Plagiarizing Students

In a survey of freshmen at University X, two-thirds claimed never to have plagiarized while in high school.  However, the survey may overstate the proportion of freshmen at University X who did not plagiarize in high school because ________.

Which of the following best completes the passage above?

A.  Some people who do not attend University X probably plagiarized in high school.

B.  Some people who plagiarized in high school may not do so in college.

C.  Some people who claimed to have plagiarized once may have done so many times.

D.  At University Z, one half of the freshmen admitted to having plagiarized in high school.

E.  Some freshmen who did plagiarize in high school might have claimed on the survey that they did not do so.


Think you know the answer?  The correct answer is

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