Benefits of Active Learning

Whoever said active learning was dumb? Definitely NOT me. Okay, I’ve heard from some folks that learning can be boring. Well, that’s just because they’re doing it super, hecka wrong. Active learning is the real deal. Why? Well, when you are actively learning – you are actually more engaged, interested, and you actually retain the information much better.

So, when that big test or standardized exam comes up, you are ready to smack that test right up where the sun don’t shine. So, what are the Benefits of active learning, exactly?

1.  Active learning leads to higher grades, increased time to pursue extracurricular and social activities, and most importantly, gained knowledge.

2. Active learners tend to earn higher grade point averages, seek more involvement with their professors, and like to learn new things.

3. And while active learners certainly all don’t believe that they are studying simple for the “love of learning,” they are more apt to find learning new things more of a challenge than a chore or a bore.

4.  Once active learners experience academic success, they want to continue along this path of success. Being successful makes them feel good about themselves, get positive feedback form family, and often influences future goals.

Everyone knows that it’s much easier to continue to use the skills you have acquired if you get positive feedback about how you have applied those skills. Excerpt from College Success Strategies by Sherrie L. Nist and Jodi Patrick Holschuh.

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