9 Important Blogging Tips for College Students

Private Tutoring College Student TipsBlogging turns out to be one of the major online income generating avenues, especially for school and college students. I personally can do my essay online, post it on my blog and make some money. In pursuit of their blogging dreams, many students even miss classes in order to do research and write articles. This is bound to affect their academic performance. This article highlights nine important blogging tips for college students, to help them strike a balance between their studies and blogging.

1. Prioritize your studies

In as much as blogging gives you fame and money, at the end of the day, employers will look at your academic qualification and not your prowess in blogging. Therefore, give your class attendance and studies the seriousness they deserve.

2. Sketch a suitable schedule

It is important to have a timetable. Allocate blogging a suitable time frame, not beyond midnight. It is healthy to sleep for at least 6-7 hours.

3. Determine what time goes to blogging

Again emphasizing on tip number 2, strike a balance between your studies and blogging after your class time. Follow your timetable to the letter.

Private Tutoring College Blogging4. Create personal publicity for your blog

Make an effort to tell everyone about your blog. Give them your blog address to create an audience for your content. Seek for some feedback on your posts by asking them to fill in something in the comments section.

5. Count blogging as a valuable part time job

Unlike other part time jobs that college students engage in, blogging generates much more revenue. It is advisable to seek out a renowned web publisher, showcase your work and be sure to increase your chances of getting a writing job, if and only if you are a proficient writer.

6. Establish connections in your city

Seek out famous bloggers in your city, meet them and connect with them for a broad experience in the field. You can also attend blog camps and get a great opportunity to seek clarification on certain issues unclear to you.

Group Image - Private Tutors7. Consider starting blogging classes in college

With relevant and adequate experience in blogging, you can consult your head of department for permission to start blogging classes in college. This will give the other students a chance to learn about how they could make money through blogging.

8. Create an impression with your friends

Blogging, as mentioned earlier, comes with some degree of fame. Take advantage of it by coming up with interesting articles, especially ones that could solve technical problems among your friends.

9. Be informed on blogs in your field. If you are an engineer, this blog whatengineers can be an example for you.

If you are a student taking Art subjects, read blogs in that field to gain more insightful knowledge. Similarly, if you are a Science or technical-related student, read relevant blogs to build on your blogging experience. For instance, you could read Harsh Agrawal’s blogs.  With these few blogging tips, college students can make the best out of blogging. Other than making money, blogging serves as a good part time job, instead of lazing around or engaging in unhealthy behavior such as drug abuse during free time. Moreover, blogging is a great opportunity to harness creative thinking. The online media offers a broad platform for bloggers and other online writers to venture into.

How could you use blogging in your world?  Let us know in the comments below!  And if you enjoyed this post, please share it on Twitter or Facebook, stumble it on Stumbleupon or pin it to Pinterest.

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