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Looking for a proofreading tutor near you?  Do you love to write in school but finding that you are getting dinged on tests and papers for the “little things”? Well, those little things like spelling and grammar can add up and really have an impact on your grades.  That’s exactly where a proofreading tutor can help you.  With their help you learn the art, and it is an art, of proofing and fixing your spelling, grammar and content issues.  That allows all your hard work to result in the grades you deserve.


Aren’t a few tutoring sessions and a little extra help worth getting so that your grades reflect that?  Team up with an expert who is fanatical about spelling, punctuation, run-on sentences and all things grammar or content related.  A private proof reading tutor can help you improve where you need to quickly, easily and painlessly.


With a little bit of help you will find that the next time you turn in a paper the grade will reflect your hard work, not the mix-up between “their” and “there”.  Best of all our tutors come with a “Good Fit Guarantee” which insures that you get a tutor that fits your styles and helps you whether it’s tutoring at home or as a private tutor online.


Just start by typing in proofreading in the search box, add your zip code and in a moment you will have a list of proofreading private tutors that can help starting today!  Check out their experience and reviews to find the ones that seem like a fit.  Send a few of them a message with what you are looking for and before you know it, you’ll have the results that you have been looking for.