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Rich M.

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World Class Guitarist for the Aspiring Musician!

A little General Music back-story:
Some of my first memories of playing an instrument were banging on pots and pans to my Dad’s jazz records, then at 8 years old, I picked up the the Saxophone, followed my Trumpet, School Choir, eventually discovering Guitar, and the rest is history.

I found myself drawn to classical guitar for a couple of years, in addition rock and roll, and blues etc… upon attending Musician’s Institute, I was exposed to numerous useful, and applicable music styles for the working musician/guitarist.

As a music lover, I have, and continue to enjoy/listen to as many different styles of music I can get my ears on – I believe listening to appreciating, and learning as many musical styles as possible makes one a better guitarist/musician, as well as a more rounded and capable composer.

With over 25 years’ experience as a professional international touring musician, and session player (in addition to the incredible information I was taught at the Musician’s Institute Los Angeles), my unique approach to guitar is based on skills for the “Working Musician'”.
While some teachers concentrate only on technique, scales, and theory, etc (which is awesome!), my approach to guitar is to also contribute what sounds best for the song at hand, and/or the live situation in which the guitarist places themselves.
I look forward to sharing this information with students looking to take their musicianship (via guitar) to the highest possible level.

I’ve studied singing with Tim Bogart at Musicians Institute, as well as the Brett Manning approach, and have used my voice in the professional field my entire career.

As a lead/background singer for 20+ years (sideman and studio), I have experienced first hand the power of emotion when a performer is conveying their voice with both technique and honesty.

There are, of course, many techniques to get you there, however, I’ve found that a few adjustments here and there, can make a world of difference and allow you to connect authentically with yourself and therefore others.

I teach honest expression – the techniques are vehicles to honestly expressing oneself…which is the ultimate freedom.

Most voice is done in the studio these days – as a producer/engineer, I’ve discovered many ways to help people realize their dreams, and share their gift with the world.

I’ve been fortunate to appear in numerous music videos for various artists, including Brain Setzer, Kevin Costner, Kurt Russel, Courtney Cox, Ice T, David Arquette, Charlie Terrell and many others.
Most recently, I starred in a music video for one my compositions “Live On” which was recorded/filmed at Capitol Studios in Los Angels, and is being edited presently for global release…
There are many facets to Music Video production (and Video production in general). I teach both sides of the camera, with an emphasis on the performance of the artist, and storytelling as it pertains to the artist’s vision/lyrical content.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve placed numerous pieces in major motion pictures, including “3000 miles to Graceland” starring Kevin Costner and Kurt Russel – as well numerous History Channel episodes including “Little ice Age, Big Chill” — and video games such as Midway’s “Road Kill”.

My music composition is guitar based, with an emphasis on rock, groove, funk, soul, and all styles in between. Placing music in film is another level all together, many factors are involved, and much time can be saved if you have the correct info:

I enjoying sharing and teaching my insights regarding composition and music placement for film/tv/video games approaches (as I have learned it) any chance I get.

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