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Gary N.

My tutoring hourly rate is $$35.00/Hour

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State : CA

City : Chula Vista

ZipCode : 91915

20+ years of Autocad, Architecture and all things English

I try not to use really big words, but I do know the spelling and meaning of every commonly used word. And I can teach it.

English was always my best subject in high school, having always gotten A’s and a few B+’s. I minored in English in College. The usage of grammar has always come easily and naturally to me; syntax is reflexive and intuitive and I am very sensitive to tense.

MS Word is really just a generic piece of software allowing one to create electronic versions of dialogue and other text blocks, of which one can manipulate, copy and/or paste into other formats, such as resumes.

I have been a prolific reader since pre-kindergarten, starting with reading the box of cereal while eating breakfast. While a youngster, I had to read every single billboard sign on the highways while riding with my parents. I have taken and passed the Evelyn Woods speed-reading classes, and I know how to make reading interesting.

I am an avid reader, and I write and spell quite well. Being a prolific reader, I have added much to my vocabulary, and I can help you with your reading, speaking and writing skills. I minored in English in College.

English was always my best subject in high school, having always gotten A’s and a few B+’s. I minored in English in College. I was always the best speller in my class, and usually the best in the school, having won several Bees. I can teach reading, writing, spelling, grammar, tense and comprehension.

I usually received “A” grades in all math classes up to but not including Algebra, with an occasional “B” grade. I taught economics class for CYA, tutored my child and relatives in all things math up to, but not including, Algebra. My methods include logic and common sense, as well as a process of elimination. Usually I go through all the steps on paper to achieve the end result.
I have a 3.2 GPA in college as well as high school.

My College Minor was English, and I got mostly A’s in high school and college English-related subjects. I am a very good speller and I have an almost-freakish ability to zero in on fundamental errors while reading.

I have an A.A. from Mesa College, with a minor in English; extensive knowledge of the English Language, including grammer, spelling, reading, writing. My G.P.A. was 3.2 through High School, including early maths, (except Algebra). I am also well-versed in Geography, World Affairs, Science, Poli-Sci, most high school subjects, including some electives. I have background check on file with WyzAnt.

The SAT (formerly known as the scholastic aptitude test) is, of course, the test given to high school Seniors before they can enter college. I am a voracious reader. SAT reading is my specialty, and I am also very good at SAT writing. My English grades in college (English was my Minor) were always in the A to B range.

I have a background in tech writing, and I am very good with the language arts, including pronunciation, tense, spelling, good grammar in general.

I served in the U.S. Army (Vietnam), passed both the Army test (1965) and the WyzAnt test (2012), have an A.A. at local community college, and have passed WyzAnt’s background check. I am proficient in all things English, pre-algebraic Maths, Arts, History, Science, Reading, Writing, Spelling, et al. Available most weekends, some evenings. Local only.

Spelling words has always come naturally to me.
I won the school (grades 1-6) spelling bee as a 5th grader, and I can usually spot the misspelled word in a paragraph straight away.
If I cannot spell it, I will find the correct way to do so.

My elementary and secondary (junior high) math classes all resulted in “A” or “B” grades. I am well-versed in all aspects of early mathematics, including fractions, decimals, etc. up to, but not including, algebra; I am certified in this subject thru WyzAnt, and I have background check on file.

I often am asked to help my grand-children with their k-12 homework, and I like to think I have unlimited patience.

I have 21 years experience in AutoCAD, versions 9 to 2008, 59 credits of Architecture at Mesa College San Diego, with 6 additional units in advanced AutoCAD classes. My job experience includes 13 years as AutoCAD Drafter, Sr., in Structural detailing; 13+ years as Facilities Engineer with General Dynamics, Rohr and Hewlett-Packard, using AutoCAD exclusively for Rohr and HP.

I have 59 semester units at Mesa College, San Diego, Ca. with Major in Architecture, minor in English. I have worked in the industry for 20+ years, having 6+ years as Architectural drafter for Architects/Engrs in Seattle and San Diego, as well as 13 years in the role of Facilities Engineer for Rohr Inc, General Dynamics and Hewlett-Packard (responsibility for entire plant infrastructure, including all bldgs, utilities, and furniture/eqpt.) Familiar w/AISC, ANSI, ASCII, ASTM, TITLE 24, ADA, ICBO, local laws/codes.

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