Suzette Z. Private Tutor in Livonia 48154

Mz. Z.'s ABC's and 123's of Tutoring ... I have a current Professional Educational Certificate Renewal from the State Board of Education in Michigan which states that I am qualified to teach K-8 All Subjects and Social Science (CX) Grade 9. I have also always [Continue Reading]

Christina H. Private Tutor in Livonia 48152

Mrs. Christina BA, M. Ed ... While I was an undergrad I minored in history. As a teacher, I have three years experience teaching World History as well as American History. I am certified to teach elementary education. I have three years of teaching [Continue Reading]

Amanda D. Private Tutor in Livonia 48154

Professional Educator with masters in curriculum ... I am a 4th grade teacher in Detroit. I have a masters degree in administration and curriculum. I am a professional educator with almost 10 years of successful [Continue Reading]

Shelby S. Private Tutor in Livonia 48152

Passionate Middle School Teacher and Tutor ... American History is one of the most exciting subjects to teach! The vocabulary of the different eras, the political and citizen figures that impacted the way that our country works today is extremely fascinating. I love making History come alive [Continue Reading]

David P. Private Tutor in Livonia 48150

David the Science and Math Tutor ... I did the class work in education so I could teach. I taught high school chemistry, physics, algebra II and physical science. I also have two of my own children that I helped with home schooling. My daughter is 15 and still [Continue Reading]

Mark F. Private Tutor in Livonia 48150

"Highly Qualified" Mathematics Tutor ... I have been teaching and tutoring students in grades 3-12 and beyond for more than nine years. I am committed to the success of all of my students. Everyone learns differently, which is why I will formulate a detailed agenda designed to meet the [Continue Reading]

Martha Anne P. Private Tutor in Livonia 14487

College/High School Certified Biology and Chemistry Teacher ... I am certified in high school chemistry and teach Preparatory College Chem and General College Chem I & II. I am permanently certified as a biology teacher in NYS and have 3 years of experience teaching Regents [Continue Reading]

James A. Private Tutor in Livonia 48154

Expert Math and Test Prep Tutor ... As an engineer, I actually used algebra on a daily basis. This has given me an in-depth understanding of how to explain it. I have tutored high school and GED students on algebra for about 10 years. I've also worked as a algebra teacher in local charter [Continue Reading]