Loree G. Private Tutor in La Verne 91750

Degreed Accountant, 5 years of tutoring experience - Now Available! ... I have worked with QuickBooks on a daily basis both in my personal life as well as professionally for over six years. Currently I work with QuickBooks 2009 and newer, as well as the Accountant version and QuickBooks [Continue Reading]

Delfin M. Private Tutor in La Verne 91750

Learn Pre-Algebra, AutoCAD and Basic Basketball the right way ... I have more than 20 years of CAD experience, 15 years of Autocad and Microstation and 5 years of Revit architecture experience in the professional architectural field. I am currently training a staff of 12 on the fundamentals [Continue Reading]

Dmytryk C. Private Tutor in La Verne 91750

An exciting and personalized film education ... I have studied many forms of art which in term have rounded my education and knowledge of film. I have studied specifically film for many, many years, both in classes, on Hollywood sets, and on my own in libraries and experience. I have taught [Continue Reading]

Jeanette B. Private Tutor in La Verne 91750

Education Specialist K-12 ... I have a Level II teaching credential and a Master of Science in Special Education from California State University of Fullerton. Over the last ten years I have acquired a great deal of experience teaching a broad range [Continue Reading]

James P. Private Tutor in La Verne 91750

The Why Guy ... If you come to me for nothing else, come for critical reading skills. I have spent the last 13 years studying extensively and debating publicly what can be implied from written text. Not just the letter but the spirit. If you want to be an accurate interpreter of [Continue Reading]

Aleli C. Private Tutor in La Verne 91750

Science, Math, English, Spanish? No Problem! ... I regard this subject as my area of expertise. I majored in General Biology, conducted research in the field of Molecular Biology and Genetics, and have tutored all levels and areas of biology, from high school biology to [Continue Reading]

Diana P. Private Tutor in La Verne 91750

Understanding and patient tutor helps build skills and confidence ... I have many years of experience using Microsoft Word for a range of activities, including writing exams, reports, articles, and a Ph.D. dissertation, just to name a few! I have also used Word to assist my students [Continue Reading]

Yousef D. Private Tutor in La Verne 91750

Teaching mathematics, physics and engineering courses, all levels ... I have Ph.D in Mathematics and I teach a university course in Mathematical proofs requiring symbolic logic. I have a masters degree in mechanical engineering. I have been [Continue Reading]