Michael L. Private Tutor in Ipswich 01938

Special Education Tutor ... I received my MA in Special Education from Salem State College in 2004. I am a certified special needs teacher in the state of MA. I have taught 24 years of special education in a high school setting in resource room setting in mainstream classroom. [Continue Reading]

Cary F. Private Tutor in Ipswich 01938

Emmy Nominated TV Production Teacher ... I am a production specialist with over 25 years producing video at the Boston and network level. I have been part of a team that won more than 16 Emmy Awards and been nominated for Lighting and Editing. As a production consultant for CSPS and AFI and [Continue Reading]

Russ K. Private Tutor in Ipswich 01938

Experienced AP and IB Teacher of Biology, Physics ... I have university level coursework in Genetics from my B.S. in Biochemistry. I am a current IB Biology teacher and have been for several years. One of the major topics at SL for IB Biology is Genetics, and at HL it is Advanced [Continue Reading]

Bill M. Private Tutor in Ipswich 01938

Ipswich father committed to your child's success in math ... I was a straight A student in Algebra. After college I was an algebra tutor for some 10th grade students. I am comfortable explaining variables, how to solve for a variable and how to make a graph from a function such as [Continue Reading]

Paula M. Private Tutor in Ipswich 01938

Information on Paula's Qualifications ... Vocabulary instruction is something I take very seriously. Vocabulary words need to be taught to people in a variety of ways. Not every person can learn and understand them that is why teaching vocabulary needs to be individualized. I developed a [Continue Reading]