Mary A. Private Tutor in Fletcher 28732

Human Sciences Instructor ... I am a registered dietitian, licensed in the state of North Carolina. I have a BS in Foods and Nutrition, as well as an MS in Human Nutrition, Chronic Disease and Exercise. My work experience includes clinical (acute patient care), as well as [Continue Reading]

Kristi K. Private Tutor in Fletcher 28732

Music Production, Sound Design, Photography, Videography ... I am a graduate of Berklee College of Music. I took 6 semesters of Ear Training. I received straight A's in all of my classes. I have the Berklee Ear Training Course Material Still and can use that to [Continue Reading]

Carole S. Private Tutor in Fletcher 28732

Learning to read should be fun ... I love words and delight in cryptic crosswords - and I never miss an opportunity for learning a new word ..........if I see a word with which I am unfamiliar I will Google it or check on Wikipedia...... and I teach young learners to enjoy words by simply [Continue Reading]