Greg A. Private Tutor in Dracut 01826

Greg A. Music is hard. I help people understand it. ... I was the ear training/music theory tutor for the University of Massachusetts: Lowell for two semesters. I understand why students struggle. Mastering ear training subjects takes several weeks and sometimes months. It is a very slow [Continue Reading]

Mark O. Private Tutor in Dracut 01826

Math and Science are your friends :) ... I built my first IBM based PC back in the early 80s. I worked for Wang Laboratories at the time and used the Wang PC extensively as well (both DOS operating systems). I tailored autoexec.bat and config.sys [Continue Reading]

Robyn F. Private Tutor in Dracut 01826

Specializing in Reading ... I have a Masters Degree in Moderate Special Needs and have taught special needs students for 13 years. I have taught special needs students for 13 years. I have training and experience teaching specialized reading programs such as Wilson reading and [Continue Reading]

Sarah M. Private Tutor in Dracut 01826

Learning can change everything ... Dracut Tutor Sarah M. has a rating of 0 out of 5 based on 0 votes.   Profile Updated on [Continue Reading]

Marie G. Private Tutor in Dracut 01826

I believe learning should be a FUN experience! ... I worked as a fifth and sixth grade classroom math and language arts tutor for five years (2000-2005), assisting struggling students and helping them achieve passing grades. As a computer [Continue Reading]

Cory F. Private Tutor in Dracut 01826

Mathematics - algebra, geometry, calculus, etc...any level ... I've taken Calculus 1, Calc. 2, Calc. 3, Differential Equations, Real Analysis, and Complex Analysis. I've done well in all of them. I will be helping teach a Calc. 2 class at UMASS Lowell and tutoring another student in [Continue Reading]

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