Tammy H. Private Tutor in Cicero 13039

Tammy S. - Experience/Excitement/Educational Excellence ... I have taught for 31 years. I am a mentor teacher and continue to be active in school curriculum writing. Cicero Tutor Tammy H. has a rating of 0 out of 5 based on [Continue Reading]

Jake J. Private Tutor in Cicero 13039

QuickBooks Online Expert ... I'm a Certified QuickBooks Online User and a QuickBooks Cloud ProAdvisor. I've been using QuickBooks Online for over four years. I've also started and used QuickBooks Online for my own personal [Continue Reading]

Faith Y. Private Tutor in Cicero 13039

Accounting, Math, and Writing ... I have a Master's in Accounting from Florida Atlantic University, and a Bachelor of Business Administration-Accounting from Jacksonville, University. In my Masters program I was required to write lengthy papers for many classes. I also have over three years [Continue Reading]

Kristen G. Private Tutor in Cicero 13039

Kristen G-Ch, Spanish K-12, Elementary Math & Reading, ESL ... I have 20 years of experience teaching in a bilingual classroom, instructing all content in Spanish. I read, write and speak it fluently, and am married to a native speaker. The first step is to determine the goal, [Continue Reading]

Steve W. Private Tutor in Cicero 46034

Steve W. - I want to help you achieve your educational goals. ... I have played trombone for over 45 years. Trombone was the instrument I started on in the sixth grade. I also play the baritone and tuba, which I learned in high [Continue Reading]

Katelyn D. Private Tutor in Cicero 13039

History, Political Science, and Geography Tutor ... I've taken and passed all of my Regents. Both of my History (world and American) I got 90s on. I spent time helping high school students in the Syracuse City Schools prepare for their Regents. I am [Continue Reading]

Melissa P. Private Tutor in Cicero 13039

English Tutor Grades 1-12 ... I am qualified to tutor in the Elementary (K-6th) level due to my teaching and tutoring experience. I have experience tutoring the first grade curriculum with a student over the summer. I also have experience from student teaching, [Continue Reading]