Michael K. Private Tutor in Belmar 07719

Art Tutor - Specializing in Graphic Design & Photography ... I have been working with Adobe InDesign for the past six years; now working with the most current version CS6. I use InDesign on a daily basis to design business cards, print collateral, logos, [Continue Reading]

Dianne S. Private Tutor in Belmar 07719

Reading/Math Tutor for Kindergarten, first, second graders ... I am a teacher in the public school system. I currently teach first grade and have been teaching for 26 years. I hold a NJ teaching certificate. I have been a teacher for 26 years. I have taught second [Continue Reading]

Rebecca C. Private Tutor in Belmar 07719

Experienced and Dedicated Math tutor ... I have tutored in the area of discrete math. I received an A in the course when I took it at Monmouth University. Using discrete math in other areas of math that I tutor has helped me to expand my knowledge of the [Continue Reading]

Donald S. Private Tutor in Belmar 07719

Patient and Knowledgeable Tutor of Math, Music and Other Specialties ... As a highly qualified teacher of Music Theory and AP Music Theory for many years in high schools in Massachusetts and New Jersey, I have incorporated ear training as an integral part of [Continue Reading]

Lynn C. Private Tutor in Belmar 07719

Bilingual (Spanish)/elementary ed teacher ... I am a certified bilingual teacher. I am also the district interpreter for Spanish speaking families. My undergraduate degree was in Spanish and I studied in Mexico. I have taught ESL for 15 years at all grade levels [Continue Reading]

Shelagh L. Private Tutor in Belmar 07719

Adobe Illustration, InDesign & Photoshop Tutor ... As a graphic designer for over 20 years I have used Adobe InDesign to create hundreds of documents including catalogs, booklets, white papers, briefs and advertisements. Adobe InDesign is a publishing program that is used to [Continue Reading]

Frank S. Private Tutor in Belmar 07719

Dedicated and hard working tutor in numerous subjects. ... I have been using Excel at an advanced level for 14 years. I received my undergraduate degree from Seton Hall University where it was a requirement to use Excel for every one of my business classes. Once I graduated SHU I [Continue Reading]

Brigitte B. Private Tutor in Belmar 07719

Patient and Caring Elementary Tutor ... I have taught 1st-5th grade math. I have implemented a variety of strategies for elementary students with and without special needs. I have my M.Ed. in Elementary and Special Education. I have also attended multiple math trainings [Continue Reading]