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Post a Tutoring Job

Posting a job is the best way to find the help you need. Privatetutoringathome.com guarantees you’ll receive job applications from qualified tutors that live in your city within 3 days. Here’s how the process works.

  1. Post your tutoring job requirements. Be as detailed as you can, including the child’s age, their gender, the subject you’d like the private tutor to be proficient in, and any special needs or circumstances the potential tutor job applicants need to know.
  2. Within 3 days, I’ll put together a list of qualified tutors that meet your criteria and send that to you in a easy to read and digestible email. It’ll be up to you to evaluate the tutors and interview them. Of course, keeping in mind parent safety and tutor safety first, you are responsible for finding and doing the right due diligence on the tutoring job applicants.

Thanks for visiting. We hope to be your valued partner as you find and hire the right tutor for you and your family.

Tutoring Job Interview

Finding the right tutor for your child is of utmost importance to a parent. Here are a few questions we recommend you ask as you evaluate your tutor for a tutoring job:

  • Tell me about your educational training?
  • Tell me about your teaching experience?
  • Why do you want to be a tutor?
  • Tell me of a time when you helped someone who struggled with an area and how did you help that person. Take me through each of the steps you took – talk out loud so I can get a sense of your thinking process.
  • What is your philosophy on learning?
  • What is your perspective on failure?
  • What materials will you bring with you to the tutoring session?
  • Do you have your own transportation?
  • In your previous tutoring experience, tell me about the different learning styles you encountered. Which learning style do you prefer? Why?

These are just a few examples and tips so that you can best evaluate and find the best private tutor for your child.