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Autocad tutor

I have always used Adobe Photoshop for editing and refining the images and renders. It has really helped me as it has various editing options the way you want your image to appear and saved me lots of time. There are a couple of tricks that are to be learned to master it. I am certified and practice the program regularly.

When I joined the school of Architecture in 2003, AutoCAD was a very new concept to me. First 2 years of school, I used to hand-draft everything. Then we started learning autoCAD and once the conceptual sketch was done, it became so easy to draft and design everything in AutoCAD which was quick, editable and efficient. Now I have almost 6 years of experience in AutoCAD 2d and 3d.
Its really a huge programme and will definitely take time, effort and practice to master it. But the good part is that once you know the basics how the programme works, you will tend to explore it more and more. And you do not need to learn the whole programme, you just have to learn what your requirements are in your specific subject field.

Know what architecture really means before you decide to make it your career. I am an architect and I know what it takes to become a really successful architect.
Learn the basic qualities and skills you need.
Architecture is about everything that exists so far here on earth.

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